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Cable company in Lithuania I This is My storyCable company in Lithuania – My passion for music and audio equipment dates back to 1960. And, the inception of my journey transpired in an unexpected place – my mother’s kitchen. At the tender age of twelve, while being a part of the church choir, I recognised my affinity to music. And, acknowledging that I might not become the next Tom Jones, my love for diverse genres of music was unwavering.

Those early years were spent immersed in the captivating tunes emanating from an old Grundig. During my mother’s working hours, her cleaning bowls doubled as my makeshift drum kit. Armed with knitting needles as drumsticks, I would spend countless hours creating a cacophony that, gradually transformed into a more harmonious rhythm over time.

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The subsequent chapter in my musical journey unfolded with my father’s cherished acoustic guitar, a prized possession carefully kept under his bed. Fate intervened one day when, inadvertently, the guitar emerged from its usual confines. And, this serendipitous moment prompted me to acquire the Bert Weedon ‘Play in a Day’ guitar book. A pivotal step that assured me I was indeed on the right path.

Soon, I found myself immersed in the enchanting world of ‘Shadows’ music, transforming into a devoted fan. And, hours were dedicated to listening to the mesmerising tunes. With a fervent determination to emulate the note-perfect brilliance of Hank B. Marvin. And enthralled by Hank’s captivating sound, my aspiration was to perform in a manner that echoed his distinctive style.

The Guitar

Audiophile group playing in Norwich UKInspired by my passion, I took the initiative to craft an electric guitar that not only looked impressive but also delivered a great sound. And, encouraged by the positive results, decided to form a musical group. After a few weeks of coordination, the ensemble took shape. Our lineup was quite unconventional: the Deputy Headmaster assumed drumming duties. The fitness instructor took on rhythm guitar, the drama master held down the bass guitar. And, I claimed the role of playing lead guitar.

Drawing inspiration from ‘The Shadows,’ our repertoire may not have matched the brilliance of the original, but our dedication and intense practice sessions paid off. We honed our skills and achieved proficiency, culminating in a successful performance at the school concert. And, to this day, the echoes of Paul and the “Educators” persist in the memories of those who witnessed our musical journey.


After completing my schooling, I seized the opportunity to embark on a 4 year, apprenticeship in Instrumentation and electrical engineering. And provided me with a solid foundation, naturally aligning with my interest in musical equipment.

Throughout this period, I sustained my passion for playing the guitar and even managed to assemble a musical group. Although my guitar skills were commendable, I eventually made a shift, first to playing the drums and then transitioning to the bass.

Teaming up with a couple of fellow musicians, founded a group named “Staircase.” When asked about the choice of the name, I quipped, “because we are on the way up.” Staircase thrived for about 12 months, featuring David Askew on keyboards, Alan Doggett on Ludwig drums, and myself wielding a Gibson EBO and Thunderbird bass. Our music took a heavier turn, resonating with audiences and building a substantial following.

Eric Clapton and Cream  

Eirik Clapton and creamI count myself fortunate to have met some of the legendary artists who continue to shape the music landscape today: Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Jimi Hendrix, and Gary Moore. The image above captures the iconic group ‘Cream’ performing in Norwich in 1968. And, vividly recall meeting the band backstage, an experience etched in my memory as if it happened just yesterday.

Attending live performances allowed me to witness many iconic groups in action, and I even had the privilege of playing alongside as their ‘backup’ group. The Pretty Things, Sex Pistols, and Boy Bastin, are amongst the memorable collaborations. Additionally, the chance to spend time with Matthew Holt of the Moody Blues whilst mixing a CD for the group ‘Pearly Brown’.

Orange music 

Orange music London“Those were incredibly thrilling days, each one presenting new challenges and fresh opportunities. It’s truly remarkable how, after closing the shop some forty years ago, I find myself once again immersed in what I loved doing then. Now, I’m back working with Orange, but this time as part of a truly global company.” These words resonate from Cliff Cooper, the CEO of ‘Orange’ music. The Silver Shadow parked outside the shop belongs to Cliff.

I was a loyal customer of Orange, proudly owning one of the first Orange ‘MattAmp’ and 4×12 cabinets ever made. I also acquired my cherished Gibson Thunderbird bass during that time, a piece I wish I still had in my possession today. And In addition to being a musician, I held a deep fascination for cars. During one conversation about the Silver Shadow, Cliff was delighted with his new acquisition and graciously offered me a ride around the city. And I’ll forever remember that experience; it just felt incredibly cool!


Cable company in Lithuania I studio in CanadaAs time unfolded, my journey took a different turn. And instead of playing music, I delved into the realms of live mixing and recording. Also, making a move to Canada, I established a recording studio that eventually evolved into a comprehensive film and video production facility. And I found immense satisfaction in editing and mixing productions.

Within a year, my studio had grown to employ six individuals, and we garnered a stellar reputation for producing videos for numerous well-known companies in Canada. I became adept at achieving a perfect mix, creating a musical tapestry that resonated with our clients. Naturally, my skills extended to positioning and repositioning audio equipment in the listening room, a talent I readily shared with friends to help them craft their own sonic landscapes.

The compliments and appreciation for my work were immensely gratifying. Little did I realise then that these experiences would pave the way for my current journey. Cable company in Lithuania

Oil and Gas 

Oil and gas I testingIn 1970, my trajectory shifted as the pursuit of wealth and fame lost its allure. Opting for a new challenge, I entered the Oil and Gas industry, an endeavor that proved both demanding and immensely gratifying. This career path took me to various countries, infusing life with excitement as my work not only met the challenges of the industry but also allowed me to sustain my enduring passion for ‘High-end audio.’

Being part of the Oil and Gas sector afforded me the means to acquire the latest and most advanced audio components available. I was among the early adopters of quadrophonic systems in the UK, a testament to my commitment to staying at the forefront of audio technology.

The Doctor

Bigger is Better absolutely Four was it quadrophonic and system sep up on VilniusIn the early months of 2015, the oil and gas industry experienced a slowdown, almost as if it had decided to take a breather. This shift prompted a cascade of changes in my own life as I felt the need for a pause. Residing in Vilnius, Lithuania, I found camaraderie with a group of doctors who shared a common enthusiasm for ‘Tannoy’ loudspeakers.

These friends were dedicated to achieving the finest sound from their audio systems, investing numerous frustrating hours in the pursuit of audio perfection. Having honed my own technique, I eventually had the opportunity to showcase my audio system setup approach to my friends, leaving them duly impressed.


Cable company in Lithuania I Tannoy Loudspeakers soundIn that same year, I delved into experimenting with audio cables, and after numerous trials, I discovered a formula that yielded impressive results. Encouraged by a friend who happened to be a doctor, they suggested giving my creations a name and introducing them to the market. Their exact words were, “Paul, every audiophile needs to know about your cables.” It seemed, in essence, these were “doctor’s orders.”

To streamline the story, I took the advice to heart, gave my cables a name, and in October 2015, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey by creating a website to share my passion for high-quality audio cables with fellow audiophiles.


Listening and testing cablesAs of November 1st, 2022, reflecting on the past seven years reveals a remarkable journey with numerous experiences. One significant lesson I’ve gleaned is the unique way each individual perceives sound. This diversity in hearing is a key factor contributing to the extensive discussions and debates surrounding cables.

While some may dismiss these discussions as irrelevant, asserting an inability to discern any differences, I firmly believe that our hearing is deeply personal. What matters most is not convincing everyone of the nuances in audio quality, but rather acknowledging and respecting the diverse auditory experiences. I trust in what I hear, and more importantly, my customers recognize and appreciate the distinct qualities that set my cables apart. Ultimately, it’s about the individual connection with sound that matters most.

The question of whether cables make a difference to the music heard ultimately lies with you and your ears. Your judgment is paramount because only you can discern the subtle nuances and improvements a cable might bring. Personally, I can unmistakably perceive a difference in sound quality emanating from the loudspeakers, and this continual pursuit of improvement is what propels me forward.

My passion for what I do has deepened over the past twenty-five years, and the learning curve has been extensive. I’ve come to appreciate the significance of time-tested practices and the use of premium materials from top-notch manufacturing companies. Ensuring the best components are sourced is crucial. Central to this journey is customer satisfaction, and I find immense joy in reading comments and reviews from both existing and new customers. Their feedback is invaluable and underscores the gratification derived from crafting high-quality audio cables.

March 2024

Cable company in LithuaniaCable company in Lithuania – Every story has its conclusion, and I would like to end mine with a few words. Reflecting on the progress since the inception of Perkune Audiophile Cables in August 2015 brings me immense satisfaction. It’s been a rewarding journey, contributing to the enhancement of sound systems for audiophiles and audio enthusiasts alike.

In this dynamic world of audio, components are ever-evolving. New amplifiers, loudspeakers, and turntables continually make their way into the market. I am excited about the opportunities and innovations that this year holds, and I eagerly anticipate the positive impact on the audio landscape.

If you’ve enjoyed reading ‘My Story – Cable Company in Lithuania,’ I invite you to share it with friends. The joy of sharing our experiences and passions enhances the collective appreciation for the world of audio.

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