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Get really great soundGet really great sound, from your audio system?  A sound is something very special and personal to each and every audiophile! So what is sound?

Every person has different hearing and because we have different hearing your sound may not be what I like to hear. At the same time my sound may not be what you like to hear. But there are certain things we can do to help get really great sound.

Facebook reaction

I wish to share with you something that happened a few days ago on Facebook and it was the result of an article that I wrote about loudspeaker positioning. I have just cut and pasted from Facebook to show you the story and the result, which was all done online and took a day!


This was the first step whereby Rick sent me a picture on Facebook of his system. I would have preferred to have a pic sent to my email, as it is easier to work and the quality always better. But as this was the first time that something like this had happened so I just went with the flow!

Sound system tuning

This was the reply I got from Rick. And so I looked at the pic of his system and was able to make a few suggestions for him to try.

Sound system set up

This is the last reply that I got from Rick as he seemed pretty excited about what a few simple moves had done for him. I did reply with the next set of instructions. but as I say he did not reply so I can only assume that he is happy with his new sound.

Great Sound?

Every person has their own way of listening and also the type of music to which they listen can be so different. Two people with the same systems will never agree why one system sounds better to one and not the other. The systems are both the same but one person is playing acid rock at high volume and the other person is playing Classical music at low volume.

So why should the sound be not so good in one room? A good question and the answer is very simple. The characteristics of the room and what the room contains. How high is the room and how wide is the room. How has the equipment been positioned in the room and how are the acoustics in the room. Is the room dead or is the room alive?

What sort of sound do you want from your system? Do you want a sound that is strong and hard and gives you that smack in the chest when you turn up the volume and sends shivers running down you want a sound that is liquid and lush and so full it envelops you with it’s beauty and you feel like you are floating in the air.


This is the system I use at present. And comprises of 300 Litre cabinets containing Tannoy 15″ 3818 dual concentric drivers (same as used in the Glenair enclosures).

The sound I get is magnificent and every single detail can be heard. The bass response is among the best I have ever heard. Which is due to the system set up and speaker positioning.


The first thing you have to decide is exactly what the sound is you want and at what volume you will be playing your music. Please understand that one system will not do everything and has nothing to do with price or components used but is simply the fact that every piece of music is different.

The piece of music you listen to sounds great in the studio where it was created. But remember your listening area is not a studio. The listening area (in most cases your front room) has so many defects so can be done to make the piece of music sound great in your listening room?

I have found over the years you do not have to actually do much to get a really great sound. Because it all comes down to a few basic steps. The first thing is the positioning of your equipment. The second thing is the positioning of your loudspeakers. And the third thing is the positioning of your self when you are listening to your music.


If you want that hard-hitting fast dynamic sound with bite, speed and attack then choose a solid-state amplifier. But if you want that lush warm sound with a feeling of freedom and passion then choose a valve amplifier.

When you have your amplifier then look at your Loudspeakers. I mentioned Tannoy Loudspeakers earlier and this is because Tannoy loudspeakers are able to play most types of music without any problem. The older Tannoy are best suited for Valve amplifiers and the later models are best suited for solid-state amplifiers. Or, a combination of Valve pre-amplifier and solid-state power amplifiers.

When you have chosen your amplifier and loudspeakers, you will then decide on the source. Do you want to use CD, Tape, Vinyl or Media files? All of which can be used but each has its good points and bad points. Next is your audio cables and power cords because people forget. But, they are just as import to select correctly because your system will only sound as good as it’s weakest link! Never compromise on your cables, as this is something you will regret!

What can you do?

To get the best sound from your system please visit the setup page.

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