Pro-jet turntable series

Turntable plinthsPro-jet turntable series – Acoustand, a small company specialising in Turntables, Turntable upgrades, Turntable cabinetry, Turntable Plinths, Stands and Turntable accessories. Located In the Lincolnshire countryside. From the workshops, we can manufacture high-quality products at a fraction of the price of similar companies. Also, there are no middlemen to pay!

Pro-jet turntable

The Acoustand Turntable Plinths, Made From A Sandwich Construction of  High-Quality MDF and Cast Acrylic.  Real Wood Veneers to suit customers taste.

  • Real Wood Veneers to suit customers taste.
  • Viscous Damped Chrome Pillars.
  • Sorbothane Feet.

There are three threaded M6 inserts in the base in case you want to use spikes or adjustable feet. Standard Finish On The Veneer Is Satin Lacquer. An IEC Power Socket For Convenience, Fitted As Standard and spare Arm Boards Available


Isolation platform

‘Acoustand’ ‘Mute 2’ Isolation Platform has all the greatness of our original Mute Platform But Is Primarily Designed For Heavier Applications. The Original Mute Platform Comes With Soft Sorbothane Domes. But this new design comes with a set of solid milled aluminium feet with viscous dampening rings for separates and turntables.

There are no set sizes – Minimum is 6 X 6 Inches, and Maximum is 28 X 36 Inches.

Isolation feetTurntable series

The AIF13 HEAVY GRADE MAGNETIC LEVITATING Isolation feet are custom made.

  • A generous selection of custom made solid milled aluminium isolation feet.
  • Suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Our feet feature ‘Viscous Damped’ rings for Hifi separates and turntables.
  • ‘Dome Spikes’ for speakers and stands.
  •  Magnetic Levitated version for applications.

Whether you have speakers as small as the Sonos Play 1, or as large as Tannoy Westminster Royals. We can supply your needs.

Tonearm boards

Tonearm boards



  • One Piece Mdf Insert.
  • A Direct Copy For Your Original Obsidian Arm Board Metal Frame And Fits Perfectly.
  • The metal frames not included.

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