Static a sound killer

Static electricity a sound killerStatic a sound killer.Is this true? And, can I say yes. And a topic that is never really explored when it comes to audio. I am going to tell you a little about static and how this can affect the performance of your audio system. 

Static a sound killer

But what is Static? The slow build-up of static charge is a subtle, yet dangerous problem that undermines the performance of audio systems. And, as a result, flattening perspectives, dulling colours and inhibiting dynamics. Today’s current technology allows for multiple source options and increasingly complex audio systems which generate even more static.

By using an anti-static treatment, the first step to system restoration is in motion! Can you remember how your audio system used to sound when first installed? Well, the decline has been caused by static.

Static electricity – Sound killer?. Yes absolutely. The Static is building up everywhere. Not only your cable but also on the shelves of your racks, plastic cones underdrive units, TV and computer screens, CDs, SACDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. And when you use to apply an Anti-static treatment, you will notice a marked improvement in both visual and audio performances.

I can say that once static removed, your system will be able to achieve a striking sense of liveliness and clarity it used to have. Anti-static treatment is one of those simple yet effective tweaks wholly overlooked!


Most of us know that static builds up when we rub things together, although that’s not a satisfying explanation. What is it about rubbing things that produce an electrical phenomenon? Although lightning is a spectacular example of static electricity, it’s not something we can harness.

But, there are many other places where static electricity is incredibly useful; from laser printers and photocopiers to pollution-busting power plants, static can be fantastic. I think the worst thing in any cable that you have is the build-up of static over time.

I know that It does not matter what price you paid for your audio cables, interconnects, Loudspeaker cables or power cord. Static will slowly build-up, and the quality of your sound will go down.

When your system is new, and everything burned-in, it does sound fantastic. Your system is full of life and energy, and you want to show it off to everyone. You hear the words of praise and this you love. But, time takes its toll and as the static build up – your system sound went down!


After a certain amount of time, you begin to feel that your system does not sound quite the same as it used to and you think that maybe you should change something or upgrade in some way.

Now, let me tell you that your system is still the same as it was. And, in reality, should sound even better. And, is because it will have been burned-in. The problem is not with any part of your system. But the problem is simply the build-up of static inside your system. And, in all the components and cables in your system.

How long this takes is purely dependent on your room and the items of furniture in your listening room. Your Curtains, drapes, mirrors, carpets, rugs and ornaments are hazards. Unfortunately, these are all contributing factors in the manufacture of static.


There are many solutions available today, and they all are very cost-effective. And be bought from the major companies to offer audio ‘tweaks’ to help remove static. I love the ‘Anti-static’ gun, the ‘Anti-static’ spray treatment. And If you decide you want to improve your system sound then this is what you do.

  • Turn off your audio system
  • Get a bottle of Anti-static fluid (with spray container)
  • Spray over all components and cables in your system (including speakers and amplifiers)
  • After 5 minutes turn on your system and listen to you favourite music
  • Listen to your new sound!

You need to understand how the build-up of static does affect the sound quality of your system. Also, I know, there are many other things you can do to improve the sound of your order, and I hope you will enjoy reading these tips on sound improvement.

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