Upgrades Pro-Ject Xpression

Project expression upgradesPro-Ject Xpression – Finally after a long 18 months the HiFi Choice 5 star award Acoustand upgrades are ready for pre order. This is a first come first serve basis and are very limited. Acoustand Audio are proud to announce the return of the worlds first commercially available Pro-Ject Turntable sub-platter and bearing upgrades.

Pro-Ject Xpression

We have massively upgraded the bearing system of these sets. The Delrin bearings we used to produce although great was not producing the detail we had hoped for, we felt there was more musical detail and nuances that could still be extracted but this would require a different approach completely.

Bearings acoustand

As a result, the new sub platter kits come with a completely solid bronze bearing, yes, they are more expensive than the original but the results far outweigh the extra. And with the rising costs in everything we do, this has also had an impact on the overall price but we hope this is still a fully justifiable product for your pro-ject which elevates it to a all new level.


Please ask if unsure, look underside of your “Main Platter” main platters must be perfectly flat underneath where it sits-on the sub platter, some with recess, and they are fine, however there are some main platters that have the spider type casting and are concave and will not sit level on the sub platter.

  • Xpression II
  • Xpression lll
  • P1.2 
  • Classic 
  • X2 

Other models are covered, please message us.

  •  Debut 0.5
  • Debut II All Varieties
  • Debut III All Varieties
  • Debut Carbon
  • Debut Carbon Evo
  • Debut Carbon Esprit SB
  • Debut Carbon Phono USB
  • Crosley C10
  • Music Hall MMF-2.2

Upgrade Pro-Ject Xpression

These Sub-platters themselves are precision made from Delrin which we found is superior to the previous aluminium model we made and has even better dynamics and rhythm. Darker quiet periods, and most notably speed stability and improved pitch stability.

There is no ball bearing now, the new version has a built in PEEK Ceramic thrust pad set inside the new bearing housing, no mess no fuss.

The plastic lightweight sub-platter and bearing that came with your turntable listed above though good at it’s job can be massively improved upon bringing so much more detail and mass to your midrange turntable as well as speed stability, and enabling it to produce a sound that equals turntables costing many hundreds more.

We have put a considerable amount of time and research into these products and this will sure to be experienced by you with astonishing results.

We now have the option on the drop down menu of purchasing slight seconds of our subplatters, this may be a very minor ding or scratch but will have no effect on performance but does have a slightly reduced price
This item/s are not designed to be used with the original bearing and subplatter as spindle sizes are different and should not be mixed to prevent damage.

All orders shipped with fitting kit including oil.

Please select your desired subplatter model type from the drop down menu at the top.

Check out the Review by Oscar Stewart of Sound Perfection Reviews on what he thinks about the new Delrin Sub-platter for the Pro-ject Turntable.
Our sub-platter kits have earned us 5 star rating from HiFi Choice.

As with all Acoustand products, each and every product we build is not mass produced, and is built to order. This ensures your product is best suited to you and built for (you)

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