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Turntable parts and upgradesMy Name is Lee and I specialise in HiFi turntables, speakers and stands. Situated in the Lincolnshire countryside, my small workshop allows me to bring you superb quality products at a fraction of the cost of firms with big overheads. There are no middlemen, high street stores or big factories to pay for. And, so all this saving is passed over to you. Bringing you high-quality components, at very low prices.

Every Acoustand product is tailored to the individual who ordered it, very rarely will I build two identical items, this truly is a unique thing in this day and age and allows me to build something that is not only completely different and unique but what nobody else has. Each item is tirelessly worked on with care, passion and drive because I am passionate about what I do.  Please browse my products using the menu tabs at the top of the page, thank you.

Turntable and sub-platter upgrades. Acoustand a company committed to providing the best quality products and service. I am pleased to announce on their behalf the following Turntable upgrades.


it gives me great pleasure to work in conjunction with Acoustand. I have known Lee for many years and share the same values. When it comes to audio ‘the customer always comes first! We want to help the customer hear the best from the music, and will stop at nothing to achieve our goal!

    • Turntable Sub-Platter Upgrade for Pro-Ject Xpression 2/3 / 1.2/comfort
    • Sub-platter Upgrade for Pro-Ject Debut / 0.5 / 1.2E / Esprit
    • Upgrade for Rega Sub platter

Every Acoustand product is tailored to the individual who has placed an order and very rarely Identical Items are made. This is a unique situation which, allows building a unique item. Each item is tirelessly worked on with care, passion and drive because Acoustand is passionate about what they do.

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2 thoughts on “Turntable/sub-platter​ upgrade

  1. Hi:

    I am interested in ordering an Acoustand Sub-platter and bearing for my Project Debut Pro. Are these still being made?


    Enrique S., USA

    1. Hello Enrique

      I am looking after the cable side of things and the TT is handled from the UK
      So you need to contact LEE as he is the expert and this is the link –

      Let me know how it goes and I am happy to help with your Power cables, speaker
      cables, interconnect cables needs and in june I am offering a 20% discount on all

      Best regards

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