Who is a specialist?

Who is a specialist?Who is a specialist? An Audiophile is a person who has a great interest and is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction. Audiophile values applied to all stages of music reproduction.

One of my friends is a surgeon, and I consider him as a specialist, and he is also an audiophile!

Changes Who is a specialist?

Over the years, things have changed dramatically with advances in technology. But, we still are where we started in many respects. The main goal of the audiophile is to be able to capture the experience of a live musical performance in a room. Which, is very difficult. And, even the best-regarded recording and playback systems rarely, if ever achieve the desired result.

We all begin with a very basic simple system. But for some reason, something inside just wants to be able to hear things better. Something unbeknown stirs us and sends signals to our brains. As, with everything in this life – we want more!

But, is something an Audiophile can never explain. The search for bigger and better starts and in some cases drives the Audiophile crazy. And, he or she will do anything and spend every last penny to get that ultimate sound.

We want more and so the journey begins. We go to the local dealer and listen to what he has got to offer. T, he is where people go wrong. Because the audio showroom has different acoustics than the audiophile’s listening room.

The only way to be able to evaluate a piece of equipment is to audition at home. This means having the dealer bring the equipment and set it up in your listening room. Which, can be done with very little trouble these days.


It all started with Vinyl. And vinyl is making its way back. And, vinyl is the trademark of a true audiophile. The quality of Vinyl is unmistakable. The sound from a record is unforgettable. The look and feel of Vinyl is a thing of beauty.

A turntable connected to a tube amplifier is still regarded as the best way to go. And. in terms of quality (depending on the loudspeakers) will certainly give the listener its own magic.

CD player

A CD player is often used in conjunction with Vinyl. And. many hours are spent switching between the two formats. This to hear the difference. But, this where so many people go wrong because the formats are completely different. The only way to hear the music as it was intended is to have two separate systems. One for Vinyl and one for CD. But, can become too expensive for the average pocket.

Some audiophiles do in fact have both. But, it is always wondering which sound they prefer Analogue or Digital. The next thing is to invite fellow Audiophiles to the listening room and ask which they prefer. But, then why should it matter who prefers what because the best thing is just to enjoy the music. Especially after a few Vodkas.


How much to spend on a system. And, what do you get in return for the amount of money you spend.  Well, It seems it is very hard to be an Audiophile because nothing is that easy.

You have to pay so much more just to hear a little difference in sound. And, the more you pay then the less of a difference is heard. When a person who is not an Audiophile asks a simple question, on like, how much did you pay for your power cord. And is told 10,000 pounds, it is no wonder, he will not understand what you are saying.

If you say the price of the speakers were 120,000 pounds, he will think his hearing has gone wrong. But, to an audiophile, these figures are quite normal. And, how much better does it really sound? This is a good question because what you have never heard, you have never missed. This is one of the beauties of becoming an audiophile! 

An Audiophile always has a choice. The choice is to be happy with what he has got. Or, put their systems before anything else. Which, can lead sometimes a very unpleasant family dispute! So, Who is a specialist? Who is a specialist?

An Audiophile can have a good sounding system for say 1000 pounds. But will he get a sound that is twice as good if he spends 2000 pounds? The answer is no. And, to get a system that sounds twice as good then you will have to spend 5,000 pounds. OUCH!


You can read so many articles online, but they all say different things. And, very confusing because there is no answer to the mystery of the magical world of music.

The way in which music is recorded is very simple. A microphone placed in front of the performer. This analogue sound is picked up by the microphone, which feeds the signal to a storage device, usually a magnetic tape machine. This information can be transferred to either to a Vinyl cutting machine or CD recording machine.

Technology has changed to such an extent, even very good recording can be done at a fraction of the cost. It does not matter because a true Audiophile still loves the smell and feel of the real thing. Just as, we all do. And, if the music is the food of love,  please play on!

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