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Rotel integrated amplifier
Today is exciting because I am testing and writing a review on the Rotel amplifier, RA-1592 MKII. And I will also be using the Matrix PRO two-meter power cables, so all I can say is let the fun begin!

Rotel Amplifier Review

At Rotel, product development includes rigorous reviews of the circuit design and extensive listening sessions. But, real performance gains are difficult to achieve and require careful component and circuit design consideration. Rotel does not launch products to have something “new” to sell. The product lifecycles are longer than standard industry practice, and new products are based on legitimate performance improvements.

The heart of any audio component is the power supply, of which the transformer’s type, size and material play a significant part. And Rotel did not want to leave something so important to anyone else. That is why Rotel invested the money and developed the know-how to build toroidal transformers. As a result, the rest of the design can deliver the desired performance with a suitable power supply. And Rotel engineers carefully evaluated the power requirements of each new model. This information always conveyed to the transformer engineering team, which calculates the essentials, including voltage, current, physical size and product type. And the engineers then design the exact specification for the transformers and begin creating the transformer and winding a sample for testing.


Each transformer is custom-built to exacting standards using materials conforming to the strictest standards. The metal winding material of the transformer was rigorously checked to confirm no impurities in the steel. The wire used for Rotel transformers is sourced from trusted suppliers who produce certified documentation of the copper materials. Each transformer core is built, baked, wound and stress tested to ensure the power supply delivers all the clean, undistorted power each component requires for optimum audio performance. And uncompromised sound always starts with the power supply, whether a CD player, surround sound processor, preamplifier or power amplifier.


Rotel has received abundant international critical acclaim from enthusiastic audio fans and professional reviewers. Rotel components deliver more than simple entertainment. And provide an experience that resonates with people who want something more. Music and movies are visceral when played through the right system. You should expect nothing less than what the artist or director intended. Hear what over 60 years of electronic manufacturing experience can do for your audio/video enjoyment.


Whether a seasoned audiophile or casual listener, the time has never been better to be a music lover. A near-limitless supply of music is accessible via streaming, digital mediums, classic vinyl and more. And Rotel has been designing and manufacturing high-fidelity, high-quality, high-performance audio products for over 60 years. Accurately rendering audio with exceptional detail and stunning clarity.

The amplifier

The RA-1592 MKII Integrated Amplifier includes circuit design innovations, optimisation of audio signal paths. And updates to critical power supply components delivering a breathtaking performance with dynamic rhythm and timing. Utilising Rotel’s best-in-class preamplifier topology and award-winning power amplifier technology, the RA-1592MKII is a no-compromise, size-efficient, all-in-one integrated audio product. The RA-1592MKII delivers 200 Watts per channel into 8 ohms powered by Rotel’s in-house toroidal transformer. And feeding an array of slit-foil capacitors for rich, deep, controlled bass energy.

Roon tested

The RA-1592 MKII supports your favourite sources, including Analog, XLR, Digital, aptX™ and AAC wireless Bluetooth, PC-USB supporting MQA and 32-bit/384kHz PCM, and Moving Magnet Phono stage. Digital to Analog conversion utilizes a Texas Instruments premium DAC with precisely tuned output filter circuits delivering unprecedented acoustic detail, wide sound stage and exacting positioning. Also, the RA-1592KII is certified Roon Tested, delivering the best experience using Roon software so you can enjoy the music. Also, selectable A-B speaker outputs, RS232, Ethernet and 12V, triggers ensure seamless integration with control systems. Convenience, performance and value.


testing of the amplifier with Perkune power cableTesting of the Rotel RA-1592 MkII amplifier commenced after consuming a hot cup of coffee and deciding which music to use. And my mood was great because my colleague Lukas had already installed the Matrix PRO power cable from Perkune. In addition, we auditioned the amplifier with a pair of Elac ‘Vela’ floor-standing speakers earlier, so we were familiar with the amplifier’s performance.

Lukas selected the first track, and the music played. But wait a minute, was this the same song we started yesterday? I asked. Well, it was, but now, the music sounded better and had Balls! And we looked at each other and said the same thing. Where has that depth and energy come from? As we played the tracks, we found time was flying past, but we became so involved with the music it was hard to stop.

We decided to listen to softer music and turned the volume down. But even at this low level, the music still had all the detail and that fantastic bass we both loved. The Rotel RA-1592 MkII integrated amplifier was a perfect match with the Elac Vela loudspeakers or a match made in heaven, as the saying goes. And we both agreed this was one of the best listening sessions this year.


The details and variables of the Rotel’s performance should not deflect from the fact that the basic amplifier is a tremendous performer. And possesses the same confidence-inspiring build and engineering the brand has become famous for. And maybe this does feel like making up a model with added parts and lacking the same ‘high-end sheen’ to the overall design. But deep down, the RA-1592 MkII is superb audio engineering. The result might not be the best amp; you can buy between two and three thousand Euros. But it is at the top of the pack and just so smooth you do not want to stop listening. And it comes Highly Recommended.

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  • Author: Thomas Blinder, music producer, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Dated : 20/04/2023

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