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Recording studio cables -Ultimate studio cableRecording studio cable. Just before Christmas, I received a pair of audio cables for my Recording studio, and now I have decided to write a review. I noticed people buying them for hi-end home audiophile systems. I wanted mine for Recording studio monitoring, which does quite the opposite. And to be frank, I was not sure if these cables were going to do the job! 

Studio cable

I plugged the cables in, expecting some magic. But, all I heard was a broader and more in-depth image of the music track as a whole. I thought is that all?  Oh boy, was I so very wrong and please read my review on the recording studio cables

Just a few words to say, if any person would like any help in any way, then they are more than welcome. Please, drop me an email or even call me as it is not a problem. I aim to get my cables all over the world, and I cannot do it alone, so I need your help to help me to fulfil my dream – Paul Goodwin


If you are aware, my cables are great, and they are not expensive. Because, if they were in a dealers showroom they would cost three times the price. I am selling at the manufacturer price, and this is what I want to do. And, I am here, to help you get the best sound that is possible with your existing equipment. Recording studio cables

Many people just do not realise how good their system can sound. And, people only don’t realise that cables are as necessary as the components. If you have suitable parts, all you need is the right cables, and the difference becomes apparent!!!

And, since the review, I have a new series of studio cables. They are called the ‘AirDream’ series and now incorporate many new techniques.

  • AirGap’, isolation
  • ‘AirTube’, suspension
  • Teflon insulation
  • Aluminium foil sheathing.

The ‘Airdream’ series has been the result of testimonies and customers request to improve. And I want to build better cables and keeps the customers happy. I can keep the costs down, and you will see there are no inflated prices on the last series of cables. I am very proud of my cables, which are recording studio quality. Recording studio cables

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