How do you get value?

How you get the bestHow do you get value? We are always looking to change things, because this is the way or the world. But, we must always remember, everything has its value. When we are looking for something different and exciting, we have to ask ourselves what it the value of the item. And, more importantly, what is it worth, for you to own that item.

The Cost

When it comes to the cost of a specific item, it depends largely on what the item is. The question to ask is do you in fact really need that item and why? The next question is to ask is do you really want this item and can you afford to buy it?

How you get the best - Dreams - never give up

You want to buy a larger house because your family is expanding and need a garage for you car. And, a workshop for the new tools, for your business, which is also expanding. What makes you decide this house is the best value that you can get?

The location, size, style, the services or is it the price? There are so many options in the market place. And, a person is always advised to look very carefully and decide is this what they really want, before signing the paperwork.


How does a specific item that a person is actually thinking about buying receive a value. And, where does this value, come from, and who makes it? This question can be answered very easily, because value is what the customer will pay. If the economy is good then the item will have a higher value than when the economy is bad.

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Maybe, you have had an item, for many years and actually bought it from new. Your item, certainly has a value. But, at the same time, has a sentimental value and a history. I hate to say this but many items made today are not as well made as a few years ago.

This is about what something is worth and a term called appreciation. If the item has been well made, then it can actually be worth more than when it was made! And, it all comes down to what you are prepared to pay. If, you want something, and if you are able to afford it at the time, then it can become priceless!


Technology is changing daily, and we are able to have things today that were only a dream a few years ago. This advancement in technology also adds value to the market place. And, people always want to keep on top of the improvements. Espically in equipment, due to the changes made by the technical advancements.

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One of the biggest changes in recent years, is the change in the quality in audio systems. Also, the appreciation for the quality of the sound produced. Music, is something,  I value very highly.  Because when a piece of music has been recorded correctly and is played back correctly then it is a truly wonderful experience. To be able, to sit down and listen is wonderful. And, to become a part the music is a whole different experience.

How do you get value?

How do you put a value on a piece of music? Well, in real terms it is impossible. I have music that I have listened to for hours, days, weeks. Yes, over and over again. And, how can you put a value on pleasure, you are getting from your listening experience.

If a person likes an item, and the price is no object, the person has increased the cost of the item by his actions. And, this is something which happens on a daily basis. We have something that has a monetary value but at the same time has a personal value. And, these are the two ways of evaluating an item.


Life is for living and we are only here once. I suggest  you buy what you want, when you have the money in your pocket!

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