Cables are my life

Cables are my life - Matrix cablesI am writing this article called cables are my life. And, just what has inspired me to do this, you may ask? Well, it is easy to answer. I have just received an email from Bob, who lives in the US and is a true audiophile. Bob has sent me his story starting as far back as 1976, and it is exciting. And, as a result, I decided to do the same, but my story begins in the sixties. And I think you will find it very interesting so enjoy!

The Cables

My story started in 1960 when I became interested in music and especially drums. And would use my mothers washing up bowls as drums and knitting needles as drumsticks. Of course, I would never be as good as Ginger Baker, but I certainly had fun!

One evening I heard the noise of a Hawaiian guitar coming from my parent’s bedroom. And upon entering saw it was my father, with a guitar over his knees and playing it with a steel bar in one hand. The music had a beautiful sound, and I asked my father to teach me how to play. My father looked up, smiled, and said he would be happy if I promised to be careful with the guitar as it was in mint condition. Cables are my life

I loved the guitar and soon became a ‘Shadows’ Fan and bought the Bert Weedon ‘Play in a day’ guitar book. At school, I was able to build an electric guitar with the help of the woodwork teacher. My teacher was very excited to help me make a beautiful guitar, hand-painted in red. And was a copy of the famous Fender ‘Stratocaster’ used by the shadows.

School life Cables are my life

Secondary school holds many memories for me. And one day, I was talking to the drama master, a Mr John Pond, who told me he could play the guitar. John also mentioned the fitness instructor, a Mr Ken Aide, could also play the guitar. And the deputy headmaster, Mr Pendleton, can play the drums. So I said to John, we should play together at the school concert in the summer. And I would be happy to help with the project. And, to cut a long story short, ‘Paul and the educators’ appeared on the scene! Cables are my life

After leaving school, I commenced a four-year apprenticeship in Electronic and electrical instrumentation. And, as a result, I received City and guilds parts one, two and three with full credits. Moreover, my training helped me with electrical work because I was now in a group. And definitely, on my way to fame and fortune! The seventies was an incredible time, and I met Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. Also, Jimmy Hendricks, the Sex Pistols and the Pretty Things. My group days were tremendous, but unfortunately, the fame and fortune had not appeared. Cables are my life

Group life

The group life was excellent, and I learned about amplification, audio equipment, Loudspeakers, Cables and audio mixing. But, I still needed to find my way in the world. And one day, I had the chance to put my skills to work and joined an oil company. My title was Instrumentation engineer and certainly had a nice ring to it. I was now on a new path and working on an oil rig offshore Norway, which was a challenge, but I loved it. And because I was earning an excellent income, I was able to keep up with my passion. Yes, you guessed it – High-end audio! Cables are my life

The oil and gas industry gave me a great opportunity, and I relocated to Canada. As well as working with oil and gas, I was able to spend my time creating and operating a video production studio. Whilst working at the studio, I was able to work with sound, video and film. And I made some television commercials and oil and gas training programs. I spent seven years in Alberta, Canada and even had time to play in a group. So you see, the music is in my soul and was undoubtedly a part of me.  Cables are my life

The year was 1998, and a friend invited me to visit Vilnius, Lithuania. I had been iv many countries whilst working in the industry and welcomed the opportunity to see yet another new country. But little did I know this visit was the visit that would e my life! From the minute I arrived, I fell in love with the country and decided this was the place where I wanted to remain. So I found an apartment and filled it with my audio gear because my love of audio always travelled with me. Cables are my life

Oil and Gas

I was still working in the oil and gas industry and travelling to different counties, and I enjoyed my audio equipment even more. One day I decided to get a DVD player to add to my collection, and it turned out to be something that changed my life. If you read the article, you will understand what I meant by a power cord that changed my life and how it started what I am doing now. But, it was in 2015 when I began to work seriously with audio, and I could say that definitely, cables are my life!

It was 2015, and I had a group of friends who are doctors. The doctors are audiophiles, which allowed me to work with their audio systems to improve the sound. I had developed an audio system set-up technique over the years, and they all were delighted with the results. So the next step was to introduce them to the audio cables I was using to see how they performed with their systems. And needless to say, all the results were positive. The words of encouragement and my audio cables found their way into other countries. Having the same positive impact they had in Lithuania.


The past six years have been a fantastic journey for me. And I have learned so much about audio cables, audio systems and how advancements in technology continually improve cable performance. I continue developing new lines and techniques and am very proud of what I offer to the marketplace. Customers have told me many times, “Paul, your cables sell themselves”. Meaning I am doing something right. I love what I do and how my cables help people hear more music from their audio systems. And, has all been achieved by the best advertising in the world – Word of mouth!

The first and last

Ultimate power cord

The picture shown on the right is one of the very first power cables produced six years ago. And was the start of everything – why a power cable, you may ask? Easy answer because the power cable is the foundation on which you build your system. And it is the power cable that gives the power to your system

Reference PRO power cableThe picture shown on the left is the latest power cable. And the name is Th Reference PRO power cable. The sound is cleaner, more dynamic and allows a more open sound stage. And you do not have to listen to your system to hear if there is any difference. Because you will hear the difference in the first few seconds. And I can quite honestly say that this would be the last power cable you will buy because it is that good!

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Author: Paul A Goodwin (perkune audiophile cables)

Date: 06/08/2021

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