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Acoustand turntablesThe Acoustand Audiophile turntable is an evolution of the business. And beginning as a plinth and speaker builder. Also, from these humble beginnings (back in the early 90s), everything has evolved. And therefore, my passion for bringing the best quality engineering and woodwork at low prices is essential – more

 Audiophile turntable

Three years ago, I set out to make a statement telling people they could own a seriously high-end turntable. And a turntable without any compromises. Down to every single piece of material used. And except for the PSU and motor (designed in-house), I don’t use/borrow/buy parts from any company. Also, every element is designed and made in-house. So, if you need a part, a replacement is always available.


The Audiophile Evolution turntable comes with a lifetime guarantee for the original owner. And such components will be readily available.

Every turntable sold in the UK will personally be delivered and set up by Acoustand at no extra charge! And whether you reside up in the highlands of Scotland or the shores of Penzance, your turntable will be personally delivered. 

Power supply

The external power supply circuit is an exceptional. And designed in-house by Mark Sears of Vinyl Passion. Mark is a well-known audio community figure for his significant Linn LP12 upgrades. And Mark set out to build a new unmatched power supply for Linn.

I was tweaking the power supply during a listening session with the Evolution turntable. And Mark told me about his new Revolution power supply and motor. The rest is history. And the Evolution proudly uses the new Vinyl Passion Revolution circuit with unmatched accuracy. And the performance is exceptional; there is no other word for it.

What do you get?

30kgs of the turntable with dedicated outboard PSU and motor in a custom housing. Also, the optional reliable matching isolation platform. And a superbly built turntable can hold four tonearms for various cartridges. Also, the choice of optional extras like an 18 kg damped sandwich bronze platter with integrated acrylic mat. Or, the 9 kg damped Alloy sandwich platter with integrated acrylic mat. Also, the custom-made aluminium/stainless steel arm panels. 

The turntable supplied with a stable 4.5 kg Delrin Platter works faultlessly. However, for those wanting that little more for their prized record collection and to add a bit more bling. Also, there are the optional platters mentioned above. And in addition, a custom-made 800 g Stainless Steel record weight is included. Also, the package with a bronze platter and isolation platform tops out at over 75 kg or 165lb.


Audiophile turntable

The highest quality Delrin used. And all the black components you see are finished in an exceptional Four stage painting process. And Acoustand pride itself in offering a unique product where the customer gets a say in what ends they want. Also, any finish is available. And on the example are robust billet tooling plated alloy with a brushed finish. 

Ten-millimetre diameter, Peek Ceramic tipped polished precision Stainless Steel Spindle with phosphor bronze sleeves. And they are housed in a densely built two-piece 100 mm diameter precision-made Stainless Steel Maglev bearing enclosure. Opposing magnets take some (not all the weight) off the bearing to aid longevity. And the bearing housing is precision fit into the turntable chassis.

Isolation feet

Heavy-Duty, magnetic levitating feet adjusted at each corner help level the turntable and reduce vibrations. Also, custom finishes are something you need to see from many manufacturers. And coloured parts you see are solid brushed aluminium. Also, the brushed finish is visible through the transparent-coloured powder-coated finish. And looks stunning. Also, make the colours pop as you walk around the turntable.

  • The Evolution Turntable comes with one tonearm panel cut for the arm of your choice. 
  • Additional arm panels. And cutting for tonearm fitment is free of charge.
  • Acoustand Tonearms and Head shells are also available with a generous discount if purchasing the turntable.
  • The price of 5377 Euros is for the turntable and motor unit minus the platter; choose the platter type required and any other accessories.
  • Options range from 5377 – 7997 Euros, Depending on what you choose.

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