Cryogenic treated cables

cryogenic treated cablesCryogenic treated cables. am always trying to find a way for a person to hear a better sound from their audio cables. This is because over the years I have learned that it is actually the cables that influence the sound you actually hear from your loudspeakers.


There have been so many discussions and debates on the subject of cables and the Internet is full of them. And, I will tell you 100% that a cable really does make a big difference in what you can actually hear. But, Cryogenic treatment is still a bit of a mystery!


Every piece of music has to be recorded and this recorded information has to be sent from the source machine to the amplifier. This information is sent by cables, so it only stands to reason that if the cables are good then you will get good information. If the cables are bad then you will get bad information. What is good and what is bad is a question that only can be determined by the listener, because it takes many years of experience to fully understand how every part of your audio system works.


Transparency is a beautiful term that is used in audio and transparency is defined as the quality or state of being transparent. When applied in the audio world it means there is nothing to stand in the way of the audio signal. With a good quality cable, you will hear exactly what is coming from your source machine either CD, SACD, Vinyl or computer. If the interconnect cable is a poor quality cable then you will not hear everything that your source is giving you. Cryogenic treated cables


The interconnect cable is constructed in such a way there is always room for improvement. One of the ways of improving your cable is by a process called Cryogenic treatment.  Cryogenic treatment means to reduce the temperature of the cable to below −190 °C (−310 °F) in order to remove residual stresses. The process also will give a longer part life, less failure due to cracking, improved thermal properties, better electrical properties including less electrical resistance and a reduced coefficient of friction.

The Experiment

I have already shared information about the benefits of Cryogenic treatment on the interconnects, power cords and loudspeaker cables. I decided to look at the other end of the chain which is the loudspeaker internal cables and connections. Every loudspeaker is connected from the loudspeaker or drivers (as it is termed) to the cabinet terminals by a set of cables. These are usually of very high quality because they are supplied by the manufacturer and I was interested to see if there would be any difference in the sound quality if I were to give these connecting cables the Cryogenic treatment.

Tannoy 15" 3818 LoudspeakerI decided to use the cables that connected my Tannoy 3818 speakers (drivers) to the cabinet terminals. The reason, I did that is because I am familiar in the way these speakers perform with the various test pieces of music  I use. And, would be able to hear instantly of any changes in the sound produced either very large very small.

The results

The results of the experiment were very apparent and heard instantly and I was quite surprised how good it sounded after the Cryogenic treatment. Everything appeared to be cleaner and had more definition, the transparency also improved but the biggest improvement was the sound stage which became larger and the sound became more solid and somehow attached to the ground. Cryogenic treated cables


I am now convinced that Cryogenically treated cables do improve the audio system sound in many ways. From the beginning to the end the cost of Cyro treatment is just a fraction of what a person actually spends on their system. You may be interested in reading some articles about the Cryogenic treatment on line.

From the first tests that I did when I observed the difference that Cryogenic treatment made to the interconnect cables, the Loudspeaker cables, and the Power cords and what I have just discovered, I would say the whole system improves in many ways. And, I would suggest you give it a try, because you may like it!

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