Audio system set-up

Audio system set-up I Audio Gourmet showOne frequently underestimated element in audio setup is the positioning of your loudspeakers. Remarkably, even a slight adjustment, moving them just a few centimeters, can significantly enhance your listening experience. I’m here to assist you in this transformative process, and it only requires three simple emails. Begin by capturing a photo from your listening position and sending it to me.

The Audio System Set-Up is a complementary service I offer, drawing a parallel to the importance of a focused camera when capturing an image. Just as an out-of-focus photo is unacceptable, an improperly adjusted audio system is akin to being out of focus and won’t deliver its optimal sound quality.

Having dedicated my life to working with sound and audio systems, I possess the expertise to extract the best possible sound from your setup. Witnessing the satisfaction reflected in a person’s smile after completing the setup is a priceless feeling that transcends monetary value.


  • Take a Picture: Capture an image of your audio system from your listening position.

  • Send the Photo: Email the photo to me at

  • Analysis and Guidance: I will analyze the picture and provide instructions on what adjustments are needed..

I’ve had numerous people respond, sending pictures, and each one has reported hearing a significant improvement. Regardless of your room size the key lies in the correct positioning of your speakers.

Audio systems 

Best system set up

Loudspeaker system

Speaker system

Audio set system

Audio testing in Vilnius


Audiophile cable burn in - Matrix listing system


Audio cables I Jade 20 loudspeaker test


System in Finland


Matrix Reference testing Perfect sound


Perkune audiophile cables


Power cable testing


Audio system set-up


System in canada


Audio system set up


Speaker position


Naim with Habeth Speakers testing


Audio system set up


Sound improvement - System setup - complimentary


Audiophile system set up


Fantastic home cinema audiophile cables


Tannoy Loudspeakers


Audio system set up


Best audio system


Audio system set-up


Tannoys with perkune audiophile cables


Power amplifier tested


audio system


Audiophile set up system


audiophile system


Acoustic-energy AE520 loudspeakers


Matrix reference pro testing


System in Lithuania


Power cord three-meter test


Dali loudspeakers


Denon AVC-X3700H


man havinhg fun


home made audio

Technical Set-Up

  1. Prepare the System: Ensure your audio system is ready.

  2. Remove Static: Use an anti-static spray or gun to eliminate static from components.

  3. De-gauss (Internal Cleaning): Utilize a frequency sweep CD program for internal cleaning.

  4. Check Cables: Verify cables, rearrange, and clean connections and terminations.

  5. Power Cord Polarity: Align the polarity of the power cord.

  6. Placement and Re-Positioning: Optimize placement and reposition components for maximum separation.

  7. Speaker Position: Fine-tune speaker placement and consider wall space.

  8. Focus the Loudspeakers: Direct the speakers toward the listening position for optimal focus.

  9. Sit Back and Enjoy: Relax and listen to the now enhanced sound of your system.

While this setup procedure may take some time, the effort invested is well worth the outcome. Once completed, you’ll enjoy the benefits for as long as you have your audio system.


The image above captures a system in Vilnius, Lithuania, meticulously crafted by a Russian expert. Housed in a small room adjacent to his workshop, it presented one of the most significant challenges I’ve encountered. If you’re intrigued to learn more about this setup, please follow this link.

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