Audiophile Best two meters

Audio cables 2024 I Best budget audiophile cables 2024There is only one thing to remember when it comes to power cables. And that is a simple statement to say. It does not matter how many kilometres of wire there are before the power plug. The wire after the plug is what matters. And it is the first two meters of audio cables that will affect your audio system’s sound.

Audiophile best two meters

Remember to start at the beginning, meaning your foundation when building your sound system. The foundation is power coming from Electricity, which is available from the power socket on your wall. And the procedure is the same as building a house. So ensure you have a good foundation; your home stands tall and will last. And using a suitable quality power cable from your mains outlet to your source component is essential.

What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty Electricity (EMI) is the erratic surges and spikes of higher frequency electrical energy, which moves along power lines and wiring in a circuit where only standard 50 Hz to 60 Hz AC electricity should be. As it increases in frequency, it becomes airborne and radiates into the rooms of buildings through the walls. And it is caused by devices that alter the normal flow of AC electricity—also, the amount measured, using a Graham-Stetzer Micro-surge Meter.

What is Clean Electricity?

Clean Electricity, or carbon-free Electricity, is without high voltage spikes and drops, meaning it is low on emitting electrical pollution. Electrical pollution, or dirty Electricity, is a notable concern for data centre operators, as it can cause poor performance in many electronics — microelectronics in particular. High voltage spikes are a leading cause of computer memory loss, corruption of programs and files, operating errors and electronic component damage.

Clean Power VS Dirty Power

Clean power is Electricity coming through an electric outlet with little to no electrical noise. “Electrical noise” does not necessarily mean audible noise, though it can be present in some circumstances. Ideally, it refers to electromagnetic frequencies outside the desired range expected from any power source. On the other hand, dirty power has electromagnetic noise that causes interference with your power supply. Such noises originate from external sources like power lines or inside your property. The dirty power abnormalities include and are characterised by the following: The first two meters

  • Frequency variations
  • Low power factor
  • Surges
  • Voltage variations
  • Flickering and blinking lights
  • Transformer issues
  • Poor network communication
  • Printed circuit board failures
  • Premature motor failure;
  • Among others.

Dirty power typically originates within and outside your property. Natural occurrences such as lighting and non-natural sources like utility switching can affect power quality before reaching your property. In addition, daily internal electrical equipment fluctuations may cause cumulative and potentially fatal power hazards. However, most overlook or downplay minor dirty power issues like flickering lights. Unfortunately, minor dirty power issues can lead to even more troublesome power failures if left unchecked. The first two meters

The first step

We know the Electricity coming from the power socket is dirty. And what can we do to clean this Electricity without using a conditioner? The answer is to use a suitable quality power cable of at least two meters in length. And I will add three meters is preferable but only sometimes practical due to space limitations. Also, a conditioner has to be of very high quality to work correctly and achieve the desired result. Other wise you will be disappointed as you could lose some of the sound quality. The first two meters

The Power Cable

Most reputable companies working within the audio industry can supply suitable power cables. But you must determine if the power cables use isolating techniques, noise reduction, correct shielding, Antistatic material and ferrite beads. Because these items are essential for a power cable to work effectively and give you the performance you seek.


I have worked with audio and power cables for the past twelve years and have many great experiences. But I know the Power cable is the heart of your system, and like you, I was undoubtedly sceptical in those early days. And it all started because I wanted to buy a DVD player! The first two meters

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Author: Paul A. Goodwin – perkune audiophile cables

Dated: 10/04/2023

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