Audiophiles improve your sound

Audiophiles improve your soundAudiophiles improve your sound. Are you an Audiophile, and do you want to improve the sound of your audio system without spending any money? If your answer is yes, please read ‘Audiophiles improve your sound’ because it is the answer for you! I Have spent or 25 years working with and helping people improve the sound from their audio systems!

Audiophiles improve 

Turntables -Audiophiles improve your sound

If you are an Audiophile and want to improve your sound, then forget everything you have heard and let us start at the beginning. There is only one way to do this! And it does not matter if your system is large or small. Also, the price of your system does not matter. And, this is because I will show you how to position your speakers with your system. Audiophiles think they can improve their system sound by adding new cables. Or they are maybe buying a new amplifier to improve things. Perhaps a person should change his CD player, or possibly he should upgrade the media player. And, so it goes on. So, what must a person do to improve the sound of the audio system?

Your Sound

Power cord difference

Do you know what sound you want? And do you understand the difference between good sound and bad sound? Or do your think you can determine a good sound from a bad sound? And the final thing is how well you hear because you may be asking for something that is not possible. I have a friend who loves to play loud rock music. And has spent thousands on his system constantly upgrading to achieve that ‘perfect sound’. Last week, I went over to see him with my latest power cable because I wanted to hear how it would improve his system. We played the music and established levels, And then fitted the new power cable. I was impressed, but my friend was not, as he said he could not hear any difference. Ouch, that was a blow for me, but just then, one of his friends arrived and came into the listening room. And said, wow, that sounds so good; what did you change?


system set up

Two people heard the change the new power cable made to the sound. But, unfortunately, my friend did not, which was very upsetting. And, it made me realise that his hearing was not as it should be. And so unable to hear the improvements. I have experienced this exact situation about five times over the past few years, and the more people I work with, the more disappointed faces I see. And this is very sad for me and even sadder for the person I am trying to help.


Customer comments - Sound improvements for your system

If you take a picture and the camera is not in focus, the image is unacceptable. In the same manner, when an audio system is not adjusted correctly, it is out of focus. And, will not sound as good as it could. The imaging will not be clean and defined. The bass will not be tight and extended. And the details will not give that 3D effect! I have spent my life working with sound and audio systems, and know what I am doing. And, I know how to get the best sound from an existing design. And now I will help you by saying ‘Audiophiles improve your sound’


Audio system set up

The technique used is straightforward. And I can improve how your system sounds in less than an hour. I have been doing this for many years, and it has become more or less second nature to me. I love what I do and I do it very well. And If you wish to see some of the audio systems I have set up please read here

All you need is a camera or smartphone, a measuring tape, and a pen and piece of paper. And follow these simple instructions.

  • Measure the distance from the speaker centre to the speaker centre.
  • Then measure the distance from your listening position to your audio system.
  • Sit straight upright in your listening position, and take a picture of your audio system.
  • Send the photo to me at
  • Yes, that was easy!

You would be surprised just how many people think their audio system sounds great, and nothing could make it sound better. But let me tell you, EVERY person who has written back to me has improved their sound in many ways! 

So significant or small, expensive or essential, they are all the same when it comes to my technique, so for an hours work, is it worth it? You tell me after you have heard the difference!

Customer Result

Audiophiles improve your sound

Hello Paul, And Here are a few observations:

  1. The stereo image got more prominent and more profound.
  2. The dynamics improved significantly, and now more details are coming, and they are clear.
  3. I was also surprised by the purity of the sound!

It’s been an enjoyable test run. Yes, the placement of the speakers plays a significant role in the balance of the sound; the orchestra is a “tighter bundle” where the players are closely intertwined.

I’m not a person who constantly changes hardware. I have been so happy with the Goldmund equipment. I already knew that when I bought them. As I mentioned, I have had the Goldmund set for almost twenty years! One person said Goldmund transport is weak, but now I have compared it to the Ayon CD-35 player (pictured). Honestly, I don’t hear any difference between these devices! So I have an Ayon CD-35 on loan, but I don’t own it. I have tested many cables, and some of them have been terrible and partly also super expensive. Speaker cables: Crystal Cables € 15,000, awful. Sound  terrible. No hard feelings to them but no chance in my system – Thanks for your tips! 

If you have enjoyed reading ‘Audiophiles improve your sound’, please share with friends and colleagues – thank you.

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