Cryogenic treatment

Cryogenic treatment experimentCryogenic treatment for cables. There are so many reports and articles relating to cryogenics on items we use in Industrial and domestic life. I am interested in sound and whether or not I could improve the quality of sound. But be careful, because if you do too much treatment, you can find your sound could lose some ‘Air’ and upper details!

Cryogenic treatment

One of my friends is a department head in a hospital in Vilnius. And, this is the result of “doctors orders”. My friend took three of my interconnect cables and two of my power cords away for a week. The cables returned to me, and, marked as 24 hours and 120 hours. Because they had been through a Cryogenic process. And, below is the letter I wrote back.


Hi Robert, I spent the past few hours comparing the three cables without even looking at the markings.  I did not know which was which and I mixed up the orders of playing. Let us say the best one is 100% the next best one is 90% the last one, 85%.

These are good markings, and taking into account the sound stage, definition, clarity of bass, positioning, and quality of vocal.
The best one showed a much cleaner bass with let me say less of the ‘bloom’ around the notes. It also gave more air and an improved sound stage, everything became more defined, and energy was better. Cryogenic treatment

The vocal was cleaner and more ’rounded’ to listen. Also, it was like a fragile veil removed from over the speakers. Which, allowed micro-detail to appear and more expression in the bass.

  • My standard cable – 85%
  • The cable marked – 120 hours – 90%
  • The cable marked – 24 hours – 100%

Overall I would say there is a 15% better sound from the Cryo treated cable that had 24 hours marked on it. And, is not what I would have expected. Best regards – Paul


These were the results from the Cryo treated cables, compared to the untreated cables. I can say, yes there is a difference in the sound. And I will have all of my cables treated. Because for me, my system the sound is better.

The entire process took 72 hours, with a 24 hour cooling down period, which is where the temperature gradually reduced to minus 320 degrees. The temperature is held there for 24 hours, then starts the 24 hours of bringing it back to room temperature. The 24-hour cooling/warming period is to reduce damage from expansion/contraction. And, this is to prevent the cable outer casing cracking. Cryogenic treatment

What to expect Cryogenic treatment

The most important factor or variable would be the quality of your piece of electronics. And, with audio, you will hear differences in the bass. Also, you will listen to things you hadn’t heard before: the Mid’s and high’s more vivid, better clarity and imaging.

The overall soundstage is more extensive, more defined with greater depth. In a video application, the differences are more subtle. I’m finding that the purists notice the most difference.

A 60 Hz TV will show little to no difference. But, a 120 Hz TV will show a difference but might not notice by the average enthusiast. Finally, a 240 Hz TV or high-end projector will show a definite change. Sharper image, smoother motion, brighter colours, greater depth, and in a 3D application, you become part of the movie.

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And what has been learned about cryogenic treatment in the past seven years? Well, to be honest, the technology today is so far advanced that cryo treatment is not necessary to get amazing performance!

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