Speaker position for best sound

Speaker positionThe Speaker position for best sound is a story about a beautiful system; I set up in Vilnius, Lithuania. And, the loudspeakers are the “WOLFVONLANGA” open baffle design. This article will show you how I got the best sound by positioning the loudspeakers and re-positioning the loudspeakers.

Speaker position for best sound

The article ‘Speaker position’ will describe some of the faults found in the original set up. And, also the corrective steps are taken. The initial sound had a score of 5/10 but, after the adjustment, we finished with the score of 10/10. And, job well done I was told by my good friend and customer! Speaker position


Speaker positionThe system had been running and burning in for a few months. And. I was invited over to my friends to listen and tell him what I thought of the sound. I took this picture as I entered the listening room. And, to be used, as reference for making any adjustment. I had no idea at all, just what to expect. The Open Baffle loudspeakers were huge and looked very impressive. With the design and the way constructed,  I was hoping to be amazed!.Speaker position

First impression

I sat down, and the first CD inserted. But, the music that came from the Open baffle was nothing like I expected. My friend told me he had done tests with his computer sound set up the system. And, I wanted to know how my thoughts compared to his. The sound I heard was completely wrong in so many ways. And, after a few minutes, I said everything, was just so far out of balance. The bass was boomy and loose and also too much. The vocal appeared from two-thirds of the way up the wall, and nothing was happening in the middle.


The details were coming from the far walls, and there was no feeling in the music. The sound was lifeless and flat without expression. Another thing I felt was all the notes seemed to cut off as soon as they played. Exactly my feelings and the computers, my friend told me – you are spot on! My friend then put a Rod Steward LP on the turntable to let me hear how vinyl sounded in the setup. When I listened to the sound, I said: “Rod, what has happened to you?” Why did Rod seem so thin and was halfway up the wall? I said OK, let’s get to work!

The Move

SpeakerThe first thing we did was to move the speakers about 25 cms nearer to the wall. And, at the same time, move them together about the same amount. As you can see from the picture, this was the speaker’s initial position when I arrived. The speaker was too far from the centre and to close the wall. And, was causing the reflections. Plus, the hole in the middle of the sound stage. The loose boomy bass and also the vocalist to appear from two-thirds of the way up the wall. Luckily the units are on wheels, so it was relatively easy to move them around but we started by what I thought would be the best place to start and the dimensions that I chose turned out to be very good. Speaker position


SpeakerYou can see from this picture; the move is quite significant compared with the room size and listening position. Sometimes, it is only necessary to move a loudspeaker a few centimetres.

And, then fine-tune by just a centimetre or even a half centimetre. And, one of the things I found to be necessary, was the tiny adjustments needed. The Open Baffle has a critical change to sound direction.

Center adjustment

SpeakerBy moving the units a minimal amount, it was possible to have the vocals exactly where they should be, the centre stage. The speakers had to have a tiny toe in which was about one centimetre off centre, giving the best sound dispersion. The Units ended up the same measurement from centre to centre and centre stage to centre listening position. In this way, we were able to obtain a sound triangle. Which is what we must always aim for when setting up the audio system to sound the best. Speaker position


I had finished initial adjustments, and we took it in turns to sit in the listening position to hear. A few more tiny changes made, and the system started to sound great—a tight bass, with vocals centre stage with detail and depth. The soundstage was excellent and everything in position. The system was now up to 9/10.
But something was still not quite right. If you remember earlier, I said the notes seem to cut off. And, there was an absolute lack of life to the music. At this point my friend said, let us try your cables. I replied, yes, of course. With that, my friend took a set of my cables from his other system and connected them.

The result

Now, I am even impressed with my cables because that was it. Yes, that was all that was needed to bring this system to life! The music was now alive with feeling and presence. My friend put Rod on again. But, this time, Rod was real, as if in the room with us. And, the sound now, was a full 10/10!

Everything sounded so good I even found my self singing along with Rod as the harmonies came in. Which was something, I have never done before. They say ‘there is a first time for everything’ and I think the sound from the Open baffle was a first for me. The sound got to be excited, and it all comes down to the correct Speaker position!

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