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Bigger and better AirDream speaker cable with spadesBigger and better is a question asked. And, I decided to do an experiment. The latest loudspeaker cable to be introduced is an excellent opportunity to get involved with the Perkune range. And, was a customer request and yet again, never planned – I LOVE this business!

A four-meter loudspeaker cable is longer than a three-meter loudspeaker cable, so would it be fair to say that the four-meter loudspeaker cable is Bigger and better.  As, with all types of audio connectors.

After the cable had been finished and put through the burn-in system, we sat back to listen. We instantly became aware that this cable had a different sound and was sounding better than the three-meter loudspeaker cable. There is a very good reason for this so please let me explain.

In the workshop

When a loudspeaker cable is built, the cable usually is silver soldered to the banana connections and this to me is not the correct way to terminate.

Why do I say this – well, because it is using copper and then introducing silver solder and these two metals have different properties? I think this acts as a barrier for the sound to pass through, so I decided to remove the obstacle. I am listening and trying different things with the aim to get the best sound possible, and this is why I decided to try direct termination.

The build

We start our build with Pure RED copper cable that is manufactured in Germany and shipped to Lithuania. This cable is one of the best cables that I have ever heard and is entirely neutral and also transparent. There is no resistance and no capacitance to speak of over a four-meter length, so what you put in at one end you then get out the other end.

The termination

The banana plugs are very well manufactured and finished with 24K gold plating. This makes for a perfect banana plug because it gives an ideal connection.

The method of fixing is by using the two screws. And, one screw is below the other screw and they are actually at one hundred and eighty degrees from each other.

This makes it perfect for termination because the copper spike easily slides into the banana plug and is then fixed with the two screws. This creates an excellent way of fitting the cable and is absolutely reliable. A heat gun is then used to cover the banana plugs with a coating that ensures there is no movement between the cable and the connection. The connections are trustworthy, and that is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for as long as you own the cables.

It is essential to have a well-made cable because as the saying goes “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”

Let us get back to how all this came about. Last year I sold a pair of three-meter cables to a gentleman in London who has now moved into a bigger apartment and wanted to know if I could make up a longer set for him. Another challenge which is something that I love so I said yes I can and not a problem, they will be ready in a week.

It was just before the email that I have been doing listening tests and had thought that I wanted to make a set of cables but this time without any soldering and it seemed like this request came at the perfect time.

The result

The cables were made up but this time with just direct termination. I also decided to fit an extra outer sheath to add more protection from vibration and sound insulation.AirDream loudspeaker cable

The cables were then put through the burn-in and anti-static process and labelled and made ready for the final listening tests, and this was when we realised what we had made.

In a nutshell, there was just more of everything and I really mean more. Now I am adding this great cable to the range because it deserved to be at the top because I think this is our best cable and I will say that yes a cable certainly can be bigger and better!

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