New three meter power cord

New three meter Power cord.The new three meter power cord tested. And, ready to be added to the range of cables. The Funny thing is, this power cord never planned because it was a customer request. Bu,t after testing, I found it sounded better than the two-meter power cord!

Three meter power cord

I received an email from a new customer who had received a two-meter power cord. My customer was so pleased; he requested a pair of two-meter interconnects. I was thrilled. But I was, even more, pleased when another email arrived later, with a request for a three-meter power cord. I am always ready to try something new, and I thought, well, why not. I replied via email to say, I would be more than happy and would be the very first new three-meter power cord.

The test

I constructed the power cord and plugged in to start the burn-in process. After just a few minutes I thought to myself this sounds good. Which, surprised me because it always takes twenty-four hours before I hear the changes. I wondered why and why it sounded so good. And, in such a short space of time.

The next was a shock for me because my colleague asked what I had done. At this point, I want to tell you my colleague, and I often have very heated discussions. And, always on what I am doing and results I am getting.

My colleague was correct. Because it did sound good and I said,  I was testing a new three-meter power cord. I could hear the micro details. And, the music was fuller with a much-improved sound-stag. New three-meter power cord

The bass response was better, and I felt the music involving. And, just wanted to listen. I then changed CDs and went through another series of tests. When I came back to playing the music again, it was such a pleasure to listen.


The next day, the music sounded even better. And, I had a few friends around who were just amazed how good this new power cord performed. My friends are audio enthusiasts and familiar with my set up. They were impressed.


I have been working for many years with audio, audiophile cables, and power cords. And have outstanding experience in these areas. I am always interested in reading reviews on cables and power cords. Furthermore, I am still willing to help a person to improve the quality of their sound. And, If, you have any questions, then please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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