Jaguar E-type 1963 FHC

Jaguar E-type 1963 FHC

Jaguar E-type 1963 FHC. I used to work offshore in the Norwegian sector of the North sea. And, became very friendly with one of the rigs divers. Barry was a very big car enthusiast and had owned this car from new. Barry wanted to get a newer model and said I could buy the car for 600 pounds.

Barry lived in Aberdeen. And, so I arranged to travel up from great Yarmouth, the next week to meet him and buy the car. The week flew by and I travelled on the train as planned and so arrived at Barry house. Unfortunately, Barry was not there but the Jaguar was. And, with the help of his wife, we started the car, I paid the money and drove back to Great Yarmouth.

The first one

Jaguar E-type 1963 FHC. Jaguar was an amazing mode of transportation in the sixties and seventies. The E-Type Jaguar became a legend and became very sought after and today an E-type in good condition can cost anything a person is prepared to pay!

Jaguar 3.8

This was an absolutely fantastic car to drive, and the power it had was amazing. I decided to try the car to see what speed it could do. One hundred and fifty miles an hour and straight as an arrow. The miles flew past very quickly. The car was stable and because it was a Fixed head, the noise was quite bearable. The car did have a cassette player fitted. But, I was more interesting to hear the sound of the car than listen to music.

The last one

Over the next few years, I owned thirteen E-type Jaguars ranging from the first flat floor to the roadster. Even the two plus two and ending up with one of the last 4.2 roadsters made. This was a beautiful car finished in brown with tan leather interior and I sold it to the president of the Jaguar owners club. But, my good friend Brian decided to change the colour and had it painted red!

Jaguar V12

The very last E-type Jaguar I owned, was a 1973 V12 roadster. This was indeed a beautiful car and I bought it as a demo for the main dealers. The V12 just did not have the power or the drive of the original 1963 flat floor E-type. I was disappointed with the car and felt Jaguar had somehow lost its excitement.

AER741B was the first E-type jaguars’ registration number. And, the second was AEX 230B. I will never forget these numbers because they mean so much. My Jaguar E-type 1963 FHC  was the best car I have ever owned. I even had my name on the waiting list for the Jaguar F -type but it got cancelled and twenty years later it was made but am happy I was not on the list!

A bit different

The Jaguar V12 E-type had to go and so I arranged to take it to a dealer in London who had a special that he said he would give me a very good deal on because the special he had was very fast as it had a half race blueprinted engine so I thought why not indeed so off to London I went.

jaguar special

This was a very interesting car. It was OK to drive normally but when you put your foot down it really was earplug time. The noise I lived with but had to be so careful when coming into a town as there were certain noise restrictions. Even in those days, and this put me off a little bit.

Out in the open country roads, it was an amazing sounding machine. And, I loved the noise and the feeling of power. Also, the handling as it was very easy to drive. I think the worst thing was the car had no roof or front window. Just a fly screen as you can see from the picture so it was not for a rainy day!

What does this have to do with my cables you may ask – well it is the sound that I love. The sound of the cars, the sound of something that is alive and this is all part of my interests with sound. Mechanical and musical they are all fantastic and I just love the sound.

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