Guitar cable really fantastic

Guitar cable

Guitar cable is fantastic. The New guitar cable which we have been working on and testing for the past couple of months and we have a couple of them already sold with excellent results.

You are willing to try for yourselves as I give money-back guarantee – no problem!


Today we always want to hear everything the best that it can sound, but it is not only the audiophile that requires this as I was requested a couple of months ago would it be possible to make an audiophile quality cable but for guitar use. As I am a guitar player as you know then I certainly was keen to develop this cable so I began doing tests and finally was satisfied, and so it went out to two people for testing.

The process

The Guitar cable has two functions. Firstly, it can be used from the source (which is the guitar) and also used from the amplifier head to the cabinet (this time the amplifier is the source).

The cable is directional and marked with the direction of flow arrow. So from the guitar to the amplifier head one way or the amplifier head to the speaker cabinet. It is a very efficient and forward-thinking to be able to offer a cable this way and the reason is that we use the same high-quality cable.


The cable is supplied from Italy and shipped to Lithuania. The cable, terminated with Neutrik connection at our facilities in Vilnius. The cable then follows the same procedure that all of our audiophile cables follow. And, is burned in and receives the antistatic treatment. The cable after three-day treatment, tested and then listened to before it gets the seal of approval and OK to ship.


Hi, Paul

Thanks, for this guitar amp cable and it is something else! And, I cannot believe how just a cable can make my amp sound so right. The dynamics are improved, and this is impossible to hear before. And, will rock till the sun comes up. Maybe I will get the cord for the guitar as well so will be in touch, Regards Paulas


Yes, it is possible to have a guitar cable that gives a black background. And, stops all the crackles and buzzing from the standard guitar cable. It is now possible to hear what your guitar can sound. Rich, full vibrant tones, deep, meaningful bass and a musical width that you did not know existed. Pure, rich natural sound as this is a guitar players dream.

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