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Audiophile Christmas Special

Audiophile Christmas specialI would like to wish you Happy Audiophile Christmas, and my present is as follows – 30% discount, and Starting  Christmas Eve and finishing on New Year’s Eve. Simply put 2018 in the box when you check out from the Audiophile Christmas Special.

Also – I have decided to add a review. The testing started at the end of October and finished a few days ago. And, timing is perfect and makes a great read!

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Audiophile bass Tannoy Edinburgh

Audiophile bass Tannoy Edinburgh audio systemAudiophile bass Tannoy Edinburgh. Bass is always a problem in the audiophile world. And this is why I have written this Audiophile bass Tannoy Edinburgh article. A true story, and all part of the learning curve. Know from experience how hard getting the correct amount of bass.  And, the excellent sound from the Tannoy Edinburgh. There is either too little bass or not quite enough bass. And a problem to get it just right. Continue reading Audiophile bass Tannoy Edinburgh

Interconnect review

Fantastic cableInterconnect review Ludwig Hegel “For many audiophiles; this may be on the end of the search for the optimal sound” This was the end quote by Ludwig Hegel. Paul Goodwin emphasises that the cables represent such a high level of technical sophistication to the sound, a more expensive line is not needed. In other words, the wires produced by Perkune can optimally bring, show and highlight tones, with even the most costly hi-fi, for they are selected and built, it will fit perfectly and complement almost any sound. Continue reading Interconnect review

Burn-in for audio cable

Burn-in for audio cablesBurn-in for audio cable, is it fact or fiction?  And, I would like to state there is also a burn-in or break-in period for anything having electrical components. It is to do with the actual cable you use as when new has no directionality. And, by running a current through it for a few days gives it a direction and straightens out all the obstructions. But, as with everything on this earth, you have to try for your self. And, you will hear the difference after only a few days, because ‘Burn-in’ is essential,  and certainly not fiction! Continue reading Burn-in for audio cable