Canuck Audio Mart results

Canuck Audio Mart resultsAnd always interesting to read the Canuck Audio Mart results. And to find things like these examples, especially when you least expect it! 

Audio Mart results

It has taken over five years for one of my cables to appear in the Canuck audio mart. And I am very excited to see the results. As the saying goes – everything takes time. And, yes, it certainly does, but it tells the story, and that is essential.


Canuck Audio Mart results road blockWhen Living in Canada, I worked in the Oil and gas industry and was very fortunate to drive a Ferrari. And, it is because of this Ferrari that I became familiar with the RCMP !

When Bill told me he was ex RCMP I thought OMG I hope he likes my cables. Actually Bill loved my cables and has been a customer for the past three years. Also buying other cables from me. But, the first cable purchased was the AirDream loudspeaker cable. And this cable was sold to Wayne last year. Wayne then sold it to Chet who is loving the cables. But only last week (Dec 2022) requested another cable!

Just in
Hi Paul – You and I both know how good your cables are…..I am wondering, and maybe you have covered this off, if you have sent any of your products to other hifi gear reviewers either in the UK or over here in North America.  And I think getting reviews from some of the bigger names in the industry would bolster your work. 
My buddy from Calgary is coming out for a visit (we are all double vaccinated now!) and bringing his Benchmark hybrid amp to see how it sounds with your Reference speaker and xlr cables. And we will be listening to mostly vinyl.  
I am assuming that after the listen we will be ordering some cables from you depending on his “budget”.
I would be interested in selling cables again but the challenge I ran into last fall/winter were the number of other guys both in Canada and the US you have set up as well.  Price points were inconsistent and with the same sales platform (Canuck/US Audio Mart) it was hard to make any money let alone break even. Your name is out there, guys know the quality and performance….I think they work each seller to see who will give the best deal – Bill BC
Canuck Audio Mart results

lmais, a buyer from your classified ad “SOLD TO LARRY New 1.5 Meter Perkune Matrix s Power Cable Terminated with Rhodium Connectors” on Canuck Audio Mart has just left you feedback,

From lmais in Jun 9, 2021SOLD TO LARRY New 1.5 Meter Perkune Matrix s Power Cable Terminated with Rhodium Connectors
positive feedback
These Perkune Matrix-s power cords one up their remarkable Slim line PC’s. And just an amazing increase in the Soundstage. Also,  all PC’s are not made equal. Not by a long shot. And I am not making this up. I now proudly boast 5 Perkune PC’s ( 2 Slime line reference & 3 Matrix – S) And my system sounds like it has been given a $20K injection in upgraded equipment. Also the investment in these PC’s  changed my landscape of listening, dramatically. Who knew. I am soooooo pleased.
From lmais in Jun 9, 2021SOLD TO LARRY New.2 Meter Perkune Reference Slimline Power Cable
positive feedback
The Perkune Slim Line reference Power cords were my 1st experience with the exceptional line of cables available through Perkune.  And these PC’s Have bought a depth & transparency to the music . Also, I didn’t think I could achieve without spending thousands more on upgrading my system. Hearing is believing !!!!!

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Author: Paul A. Goodwin (Perkune audiophile cables)

Dated: 16/06/2021

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