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Audiophile cable results

Audiophile cable results - Cable testingThe Audiophile cable results were obtained over the past three months. And I am very pleased with the results customers are getting. Also I am more than happy to share these results with you because it helps to spread the word! The audiophile cable results, received from customers worldwide, And some of whom have been with me since the start of operations in 2015! Also I hope you will understand that a well made cable does make a difference to the sound heard at the speakers. Audiophile cable results Continue reading Audiophile cable results

The Maserati was dead!

 Maserati was deadI had been driving Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, E-type Jaguar, And, also had many other sports cars that were available. But, had never owned a Maserati. I was driving past one of my friend’s garages, and I saw the Maserati sitting in the showroom. And, so I pulled in to have a look. And, so I have written The Maserati was dead, blog so that, you will see the problems!  Continue reading The Maserati was dead!

Vinyl sound better?

How to make your Vinyl better?How to make your Vinyl sound better. Old or new, crackles or scratches it does not matter because the sound from Vinyl is the best. But, How to make your Vinyl better? After the post that I wrote a couple of days ago, one of my terrific friends said to me: And why don’t you tell people how they can make their Vinyl sound much better. The way is just by using cables and cords, and I said yes. And that is an excellent idea and so I am writing.

Continue reading Vinyl sound better?