Pylon Audio Jasper 25 MKII

Pylon Audio Jasper MKII LoudspeakerPylon Audio is the result of passion and love for music. Also, continuous contact with sound has sharpened their acute sense of hearing. And to the extent that they decided to deal professionally with the electro-acoustic industry. Pylon combined their forces, and the visible result of which became Pylon SA, established in May 2011. And today I am writing about one of my favourite loudspeakers from Pylon, the Jasper 25 MKII loudspeaker.

Pylon Audio motivation

Pylon Audio is constantly working towards achieving the cleanest sound with the most distinctive colour. And based on unfailing motivation and many years of professional experience. Also, Pylon has designed speakers, speaker sets and related products to cope with the sound wave perfectly. And that’s not all of their magic. They wanted to create speakers with virtuosity and total commitment. Which, when delivered, you develop your passion.

Pylon achievement

The Pylon Audio Jasper 25 is an outstanding loudspeaker and one of the best for larger room applications. And some people say you can’t improve upon perfection. But, the Jasper 25 MKII is a refreshed version of the well-received and largest Jasper model. And combines engineering perfection with a top-class sound. 

Jasper Bass driverThe heart of the new Jasper, as well as its predecessor, are the well proven Scanspeak’s drivers. And the speakers are all specially selected with acoustic measurements and subjective tests. Also, a pair of the legendary 18 cm ‘Revelators’ are responsible for the middle and the low frequencies.

Pylon entrusted the highs with a silk tweeter. which, is using one of the lightest vibrating systems found in this type of loudspeaker. And the dome weighs only 0.18g. And taking advantage of the engineers’ many years of experience and extensive research facilities (including an anechoic chamber and laser accelerometer). Pylon Audio, made every effort to create perfect conditions for the work of transducers.  And created a body devoid of cuboidal forms. Also, aligning their acoustic centres in the most sensitive mid-treble section.


Pylon Audio Jasper 25 MKII speakersThe rigidity of the structure is ensured by the front made of sandwich panels. And precisely placed reinforcements of the housing eliminate any resonances that can harm the sound. Also, In the MKII version, Pylon Audio has put particular emphasis on calibrating the technical properties of the speaker set. Including modification of bass-reflex tuning and modification of filters. And as a result, also obtained a broadening of the bass range. And offers a better control and greater neutrality. 


The passion and persistence in perfection resulted in a visually compelling and perfectly finished structure. The Jasper 25 MKII is primarily a sound. From a diverse, perfectly controlled bass, through a saturated and rich midrange. Also, having a natural treble. And, as a result, Jaspers feature coherent, musical and unusually detailed sound. In the entire range of the frequency band. Also, the loudspeaker columns are ideal for use in rooms with a floor area of 25 to 50 m2. And I heard these spectacular loudspeakers in operation yesterday. Which, was during a listening session regarding a bi-wire speaker cable. And if you have enjoyed reading ‘Pylon Audio Jasper 25 MKII’, please share with friends – thenk you

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