Guitar amp testing

Guitar amp testing - Best budget Audiophile Cables - MusicGuitar amp testing. I am a guitar player and always trying to improve my sound by trying different guitar cables. And ended up using Mogami and Cardis Heart instrument cables, which are the best guitar cable out there. These are a big step up from the majority of cables in the marketplace today. And they really do make a difference to the sound heard from my guitar!

The Guitar amp testing

tube amplifiersMy first experience with Perkune best budget audiophile Cables was at the end of March 2021. I was reading an article about a Power cord which led to the purchase of a two-meter Guitar power cable.

I was reading an article about a power cord, in a guitar forum, which started me thinking. And I wondered if a power cable could make a difference to my sound. So after making a few phone calls to people I knew in the industry. Finally, I came into contact with Paul Goodwin from Lithuania. And after a bit of price haggling, a two-meter power cable was on its way to me in Florida.

The Power cable

The power cable arrived at the end of the week, was well packed, and looked more like a piece of art than a power cable! And I must say how impressed I am with this beautiful sounding cable. In so much, I decided to try the Perkune Amplifier cable. And once again, after some price haggling, the amplifier cable was on the way to me. And this time I was chomping at the bit, waiting for it to arrive! 

Best Budget Audiophile CablesMy electrical guy worked on one of my old Gibson amps and removed the old power cord. He was able to fix the new power cable to the amp. And when I turned on the amp, I noticed how quiet it was and non of the humming noise it had before. Next, I plugged in my old Gretch flat body and started to play. Bloody hell, was that me making the sound? Because it was so alive and open. Everything was clean, clear, and the sustain just went on and on. I was amazed at what the amplifier cable does and how it improves my sound. And I decided that I must continue with my experiments!

Cord Testing

Guitar amp testingThree months had passed, and I talked to Paul about the improvement in sound. And Paul was telling me how the length of a power cable makes a difference in performance. Meaning a longer power cable adds to the soundstage and offers more dynamics. After hearing this, I agreed to test a four-meter power cable. Also, I decided that I would like to try one of Pauls guitar cables to see if it did anything. And after our usual haggling session, a four-meter cable and a three-meter guitar cable were on their way to me in Florida. To keep a long story short, I was so impressed with the four-meter power cable and the three-meter guitar cable I ordered another three four-meter guitar cable and a three-meter reference guitar cable. And this time, there was no haggling because we had agreed on pricing for future orders. Also I requested a pair of the amp to cabinet cables. The cables arrived again within the week, and I loved the service, but my hands were shaking as I unwrapped the parcel. Because, I could hardly wait to hear how the Reference guitar cable and the amp to cabinet cables performed.


Guitar amp testing cablesIt is Christmas 2021 and I have 15 cable from Paul over the past year. And what a wonderful experience it has been for me.

I will say to anyone reading that Paul makes the finest cables I have ever come across as I have tried everything on the planet. And my eyes and ears opened wide when I heard my guitar with the Reference guitar cable and the Amp to cabinet cable. I will say that I can’t live without these cables because they bring a whole new listening experience!

The sound staging, the dynamics, the openness, the musicality, as everything, accentuated most organically. And I would be missing something extraordinary without them. I also want to state that I have never heard any sound degradation with any length of cable that Paul has sold me. If anything, the longer cables seem to add more to my music. And I am happy to let anyone in Floria visit me and to experience the sound from these cables for themselves. And I will try and get Richard Fortus of ‘Guns N’ Roses’ to try these cables! 

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Dated: 26/12/2021

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