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Videos for you and videos for your pleasureVideos for your pleasure are short videos I made. But now I am working to develop and produce a video explaining the production technique used in my cables.



I have a keen interest in Video technology because I believe it is the way forward. There are so many possibilities with the video format and a great tool to be used. I actually had my own small video production company in Canada. And, I really used to love shooting and editing.  I built the company into a large company and after two years sold it and returned to the UK.


But, was a very interesting chapter in my life. And, in some ways led me to what I am doing now with Perkune audiophile cables. Also, I think there is a path we all follow. And, somehow what we have done in the past, leads us to what we do now.


Today I just love working with the cables and helping people to improve the sound from their audio systems. And, I know some of the projects on which have worked will make a great video!


I am more than happy to help you with making a video production. And, this is because I also have an excellent background in directing and editing. And, I love the creation process. I think it is just the same as with the audio cables, And If you have any questions at all, on audio or video production, please send an email. And, all being well, I will respond within the same day!

If you have enjoyed Videos for your pleasure’, Please share with friends and colleagues – thank you for support. 

Perkune I Professional Audiophile service

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