Tannoy Berkeley loudspeaker

The Tannoy Berkeley loudspeaker 15" HPDThe Tannoy Berkeley loudspeaker provides a high power handling capacity and also excellent sensitivity. And a carefully designed dual ducted port provides optimum bass characteristics concerning enclosure volume.

Also, the loudspeaker is front recess mounted to ensure an unimpeded treble response. And high-density stock used throughout the cabinet construction. Also, with, massive internal reinforcement frees the structure from spurious resonances. Each section of the two-part grille can be removed separately to facilitate the treble adjustment. And the system provides the high power handling capacity and sensitivity of the HPD385A unit in a compact enclosure. 

Tannoy Berkeley loudspeaker

The Tannoy Integrated Drive System consists of a direct radiator bass unit and a high-frequency horn-loaded compression driver. Located concentrically within the same frame and magnet assembly. And, known, as the dual concentric system Tannoy Berkeley loudspeaker

Tannoy 15" Driver HPD The Bass Unit is a low-resonance speaker with a 2″ high-temperature voice coil. And the unique Gird-acoustic reinforced cone ensures authentic piston action. And smooth performance extending well into the midrange.

Treble is the High frequencies reproduced by a horn-loaded compression driver. And employs a duralumin diaphragm. Also, a 2″ diameter aluminium voice coil. The units are together and hence dual concentric as on the same axis. And perfect combination for dispersion of sound. Also as Tannoy is the leader in the dual concentric field.

The Crossover Network

Tannoy berkeley crossoverThe crossover network receives electrical energy from the amplifier. And divides it between the high-frequency compression driver and the low-frequency bass driver. Making a vital contribution to the system’s overall performance.

The Tannoy crossover networks are of the highest quality. And capacitors are non-polarised. Also, they are solid dielectric types for low loss, and close tolerances. Also, the resistors and inductors are generously rated. And assembled on a fibreglass printed circuit board for maximum reliability. 

System adjustment

Tannoy control unitThe Tannoy system provides two controls located on the front baffle. And these are labelled “Roll-off” and “Energy”. Also, they can compensate for the listening room’s acoustic characteristics. And should be adjusted with the amplifier controls in the flat or uncompensated position. Each loudspeaker system should be adjusted individually. And quickly done by rotating the amplifier Balance control to select desired loudspeaker. Tannoy Berkeley loudspeaker

The Energy control has five positions. And enables the output of the high-frequency driver to be increased or decreased from 1 kHz to 20 kHz. On the other hand, the Roll-off control affects only the extremely high frequencies. (i.e. those above 5 kHz). And the flattest response obtained with both controls set at the “Level” position for initial listening tests. Also, if the high-frequency sound quality seems too prominent, -1 or -2 positions for the Energy control should be tried. And if the sound be subdued, +1 or +2 will be preferred. Also, once the Energy setting has been established, the Roll-off power can be adjusted to reduce extreme high-frequency content if necessary. Tannoy Berkeley loudspeaker


Tannoy enclosures are solidly constructed from high-density particle boards. Which are lined with acoustic foam to absorb reflections. And eliminate standing waves. Also, the exposed natural woodgrain surfaces of each enclosure are American Walnut veneers. And the cabinets are carefully hand-rubbed with oil and wax. Which, enhances the richness of the wood and affords excellent protection. The Berkeley enclosures are braced internally to reduce spurious resonances. Which occur in large panel areas. Also, ported providing low-frequency loading. Reducing distortion, and extending bass response Tannoy Berkeley loudspeaker

  • Low-Frequency Direct Radiator
  • Maximum Diameter: 420 mm (16 ½”)
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 50 mm (2″)
  • Bl Factor in gauss/cm: 20 x 10⁶
  • Fundamental Resonance: 20 Hz
  • High-Frequency Compression Driver
  • Duralumin Diaphragm: 50 mm (2″)
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 50 mm (2″)
  • Horn Cut-off Frequency: 500 Hz
  • Drive System: 3828
  • Power Handling Capacity: 85 W
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 35 Hz – 20 kHz, ±4 dB
  • Sensitivity; Input Watts produce 96 dB at 1 m: 3
  • Crossover Frequency: 1 kHz
  • Dimensions: 840 x 540 x 310 mm (33″ x 21″ x 12″)
  • Weight: 41 kg (shipping)

This system provides high power and sensitivity in a compact enclosure. The dual ducted port gives a bass response remarkable for the enclosure size. And the loudspeaker unit is front recess mounted to ensure smooth extended treble. Also, the HPD integrated drive system consists of a direct radiator bass unit. And high-frequency compression driver. Located concentrically within the same frame and magnet assembly. And the Berkeley braced internally to reduce spurious resonances in large panel areas.”


setero set up with tannoy speakers

The sound from the Tannoy Berkeley is something I will never forget as long as I live. And will also say my wife feels precisely the same. And I am asked several times by her to get another pair. Because they were one of the best sounding I have tried. But I have to explain why Berkeley can sound so amazing, And in one word Cabling! Yes, everything comes down to Cabling. And what it can do for your audio system sound. I had my Berkeley’s 25 years ago when I first came to Lithuania. And 15 years ago started to experiment with how to improve my system sound. And this led to what I am doing now—manufacturing audiophile cables. Tannoy Berkeley loudspeaker

First give your system a good power cable. And it is the first two meters of power cable from the wall. This filters EMI and RF to feed good power to your first component. Secondly, you use good quality shielded interconnect cables. And lastly, use a suitable quality loudspeaker cable. And you will be amazed at your system’s sound. I LOVE the sound from the Berkeley loudspeakers. And now, with the correct cables, I will be audio heaven! So If you have enjoyed reading ‘Tannoy Berkeley loudspeaker’, article, please share with friends. And maybe someone has a pair of Berkeley’s that needs a good home! (or a pair of Autographs?)

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