Tricks and tips for audio

Great tips and tricksTricks and tips for audio are always welcome. And can make a very big difference to the sound heard at the loudspeakers!

Tips for audio

The Direction of flow is the very first thing you have to be aware of. And it applies to every Interconnect and loudspeaker cable because there is a right way and a wrong way. But, some people say it does not make any difference in the direction. And, I just want to say you have to try for yourself OK?


The Direction of flow is the very first thing you have to be aware of. And it applies to every Interconnect and loudspeaker cable because there is a right way and a wrong way. And, the direction is a very much-debated subject. Most people say, what a load of rubbish. The wire is wire and cannot make any difference to the sound which way it goes in. But I will say this. Whichever the way to put your cable in the first time just make sure that it always stays that way!

Meaning that Your cables should have their own direction of flow. From source to pre-amp. And from pre-amp to amplifier. And then from Amplifier to loudspeakers. If and when you remove any of your cables, mark them up so they go back the same way they came out.

First things

Let us look first at your source either a CD or a record. The source is the most important item. Depending on where it was pressed and on which material makes a big difference to the sound you hear.

The CD

Have your CD cut as this really does work and the difference is very noticeable

The LP

Always buy the heaviest version that you are able to find

The Turntable

Place four anti-vibration pads under your unit. They will give you a marked improvement in the performance.

The Power cord

The Power cord is one of the main items to consider in your system and there are never-ending discussions about power cords. A good Power cord will improve performance.

The Amplifier

Remove the stock power cord that came with the amplifier and replaces with good quality.

The CD player

Put your CD player on THREE sound care spikes. There are different grades but basic is OK.


Place your Loudspeaker on THREE Sound Care spikes BUT very important the spikes have to be reversed (small end up and a large end to the floor).

Loudspeaker cables

Order a copy of a test CD called Irrational but Efficacious and play it through your system on a monthly basis.

Additional Information

This is an interesting unit from Nordost and is called a Sort Kone. Which is placed under any item such as Amplifier, CD player or DA. It gives more clarity, detail and also a blacker ground.

Listening to your system

Some people have ears that lie flat against their heads and do not even realise what they are missing from the music. Especially in the upper frequencies.  Put your hands behind your ears and then pull them outwards.

You will hear much more. Now, this seems a little strange but you will hear more detail. Also please never listen to your friend’s opinion as his ears are not the same as yours – very basic but true!


I think the worst thing in any cable that you have is the build-up of static over time. It does not matter what price you paid for your cables or power cords, it is the same.

Static will slowly build up and the quality of your sound will go down. When your system is new and everything is fully burned in then it really does sound wonderful. Your system is full of life and energy and you want to show it off to everyone.


After a certain amount of time, you begin to feel that your system does not sound quite the same as it used to and you think maybe you should change something or upgrade in some way. Now let me tell you that your system is still the same as it was and really should sound even better because it will have been burned in even longer.

The problem is really not with any part of your system but the problem is simply the build-up of static inside your system. And the components and cables in your system.  How long this takes is purely dependent on your room and the items of furniture in your room. Curtain, drapes, mirrors, carpets, rugs and ornaments all contribute to the manufacture of static.

Audio Solution Tricks and tips for audio

A very quick and easy solution for you is to buy an anti-static gun. Point the gun at every component in your system and press the trigger. This sends out a beam which will neutralize the static in the component. You must also do the same with your Loudspeakers and all your interconnect cables.

The power cords as well must be treated in the same way. If you are using a turntable then you need to do this with the turntable and every time you put on an LP or SP. The same thing applies to your CD or SACD as static builds up even quicker on the moving discs.


I think it is very important for you to understand how the build-up of static really does affect the sound quality of your system. There are many other things you can do to improve the sound of your system.

I have visited many friends and also customers and demonstrated the effects of an anti-static gun and the results have been more than positive in every case.

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