Supreme loudspeaker cable


Supreme Speaker audiophile cablesI am delighted to bring you – The Supreme loudspeaker cable review for Perkune audiophile cables. And, first I want to say, this speaker cable is like nothing I have ever seen or heard before. The Supreme loudspeaker cable is the latest creation from Perkune audiophile cables and what a triumph it is.

Supreme loudspeaker cable

The Supreme loudspeaker cable has a sound that made my system sound more analogue and organic than I ever thought possible.

As I have been testing and enjoying the various speaker cables from Perkune over the years, I can readily testify to the great sound and quality to each of the different audio cables. But, the Supreme loudspeaker cable surpasses them all. 

The Supreme loudspeaker cable has a surprisingly lightweight to it and nicely flexible. Which, has been achieved by using high-grade materials during construction like the Helix-concept. Which, is making the conductors of the cable equivalent to a longer cable. 


The Supreme loudspeaker cable, after bedding in for a few days, became warmer and analogue/organic sounding in its signature. And, maintaining absolute clarity. It also can take care of the most resonant frequencies. On some tracks I listened to, it was like having a subwoofer in my listening room.

Now, it may depend on what speakers a person have, but my “Vienna acoustics Beethoven concert grands” puts out more of the most resonant tones I have heard previously.


The soundstage has become vast, in that I can hear the sound more full then where the speakers positioned. And, this, in turn, makes the separate instrument/sound effects take their rightful place as intended.

The vocals are clear as day, and level of musical information is just astounding. With artists like “Bjørk”, one can hear how she uses her voice in minute details. Not only that, but with the characteristic of the speaker cable, it flows like silk into my ears. Never has it been more pleasant, listening to my system and my music. 


The beats and rhythms have the same natural flow, and listening experience became very alluring. When I listen to the texture or timbre of the instruments, the increased level of details air and energy enable them to sound more authentic, tangible and compelling.


Depth is another quality this speaker cable is capable of producing. And, made me able to feel drawn into my music. I became aware of more significant air and space, making me notice details that were in the background of the soundtrack. 


The backgrounds-details were more present and had a new musicality about them which I found to be amazing! When I listen to my favourite music now, its redefined how good it can sound! The Supreme loudspeaker cable


The Supreme loudspeaker cable is an exceptional speaker cable that a person will not forget. And I can promise you that!! 

I give applause to Paul Goodwin, for making the Supreme loudspeaker cable the best sounding speaker cable I have ever had the pleasure of listening to – Hands down.

Author: Eirik Rouppert – Norway

Date: February 17th 2020

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