Apple Thunderbolt 2 upgrade

Apple Thunderbolt 2 upgrade I best budget audiophile cablesApple Thunderbolt 2 cable upgrade is a true story which, started 13th October 2020. And, lasted until the 10th of December 2020. I was asked by a new contact if I could make up an Apple Thunderbolt 2 cable which would work better than the original Apple cable. I wrote back and said that I was happy to give it a go!

Apple Thunderbolt 2

The 10th October 2020, was the day I received an email from a new contact Mr Ian Mirandah. And, Ian asked if I was able to make him a cable to replace his Apple Thunderbolt 2. Ian was looking for a cable which would provide better quality and after reading some of the testimonies on my website decided to contact me.

I replied to Ian, I had not worked with Apple products before but was quite happy to give it a try. And, after agreeing on a price and time frame, I went to my supplier to order a Two-meter Thunderbolt cable. The cable arrived and proceeded to cover the cables with four layers of materials used to eliminate interference.

The materials used were, Aluminium foil, PTFE, Felt/fibre complex, PVC, and covered with Canuflex outer sheathing. I also added two Anti-static pads and used an Anti-static spray technique on the finished cable. I shipped the cable with UPS to Ian, hoping that he would be pleased with my work. But after a week the following email arrived.

Apple Thunderbolt

Hi Paul, bad news, I’m afraid. However, I can see you made some genuine efforts to test your cable. Unfortunately, this cable doesn’t work. I wish it did. I guess these things happen. If you are taking an existing TB2 cable and wrapping it up, I can’t understand why it’s not working. If you are exposing the wires, then maybe it’s just a problematic cable to re-insulate correctly? It looks like quite a few pins just looking at the connector end. I have never opened one up to look inside. Either way, what do you propose we do now? Kind regards, Ian


Upon receiving the email, I went to see my supplier and asked what he thought the problem was. And, after much discussion, it appeared the cable supplied was a two-meter Mini display port cable. The Mini-display port cable has the base open, and all contacts easily accessed. But, on the Apple Thunderbolt two cable, the bottom of the cable is closed allowing no contact access.


I wrote back to Ian with what I had discovered and explained Lithuania was out of stock of Apple 2 meter Thunderbolt 2 cables. To which Ian replied – Hi, Paul, and I’m willing to give it another go if you want to. I have the apple stock cable If you are having issues getting a TB2 cable to work. I will send you two Cables from Apple: 2m + 1m and they both work fine. And, If you can insulate them, I’m happy to pay two times the amount. With the unexpected problems lately, I’d like to be cautious. If both work, that’s sunny days, and you get more money, and I get a spare cable. Have a look at the two cables. If you are happy to do both, I can send €79*2= €158. Kind regards, Ian.

Second attempt

The Apple Thunderbolt 2 cables from Ian arrived at the end of November. And, I saw the difference in the backs of these cables. I was keen to get ‘the show on the road’ and proceeded to cover the cables with and sent them via DPD to Ian and waited for the results of the Thunderbolt 2 cables. And, this time it was a very different letter!

Hi Paul, I’ve tried the cables. Past supply issues over. These work, and I like. The high-frequency distortion is gone to my ears. Down to your shielding methods? Overall sounds are less fuzzy. I think your way lets the wire do its job better. The aim achieved. It’s a solid, steady sound + job, considering what you had to start. I’m delighted we stuck with it, and I have a chance to get to know your style of cable. I will surely get in touch next time I need more. I’ve sent €200 which is 1/3 more than agreed. And, I appreciate your efforts to overcome the initial hurdles. While not my fault, I can understand someone who sticks to their word and believes in what they can do. Kind regards, Ian


I am delighted to have found a solution and make a customer happy. It has certainly been a learning experience for me, and I am pleased to be able to continue to create and supply great audio cables! If you have any special requests, feel free to contact me because I love a challenge, even the Apple Thunderbolt 2!

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