Best audiophile interconnect

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Today I am writing about the best audiophile interconnect cable because I can write from the experience of the past few years. It was 2015 when I started my cable business, but it was much earlier when I became involved with working and testing audiophile cables. And you can read from my story

Best audiophile interconnect

I remember one of the posts I wrote on October 14th, 2015, called “four-was-it-quadrophonic“. And you may like to read it because the owner of this equipment is a doctor named Vydas. And it was Vydas who prompted me to share this story with you after a meeting a few weeks ago.

Every audio system has more or less the same components. A source machine (CD player, Turntable or Streamer). A preamplifier ( Tube, Transistor or hybrid). A DAC (tube or transistor). And a pair of loudspeakers which can be a single-wire, bi-wire or tri-wire. Also, the loudspeakers can operate using coaxial, two-way and three-way configurations. And quite a variety to pick from.

Power cord

I started this business with a power cable. Because I thought I could do it better. And I started with big ideas and ambitions because I wanted to buy a new DVD player in 1998. Also, I wrote an article entitled “Power cord changed my life” in 2015, because I had a story to tell. And I am continuing to tell my story over the past eight years. Best audiophile interconnect

So let me return to the story because Vydas inspired me to make a website and introduce my cables to the world! Vydas audio system sounds fantastic and one of the best I have ever heard. And it is because he uses Tannoy Gold’s that makes the sound the way it is. Also, I visit Vydas quite often as we have become friends, and last month he told me that a friend of his would like to try a pair of my interconnects. So I took the interconnects to the hospital and gave them to Vydas, as Vydas is now the head of his department.

Two weeks

Two weeks passed, and Vydas called me and said his friend did not like the interconnects because they made his system sound too sharp. And has returned the cables to me. I asked Vydas to test them on his system. Because I need help understanding what he means as the cables tested, and I know nothing is sharp about them. Vydas agreed and called me two days later and told me the cables were great and made his system sound better. And he would like them but needed a longer pair. I will make them for you and we can meet next week.

Another week went by, and I delivered the Interconnect cables to Vydas. And is very pleased with their performance and is considering another set of interconnects for his other player. So everything works out well in the end, but I have not heard anything about his friend! Best audiophile interconnect

There are many discussions on the internet about upgrading cables. And which is the best cable to replace when you start? I still consider a Power cable the first item in an audio system to be replaced. And the following items are the interconnect cables. But that is my choice as I first started this business focusing on Power cables. But it all comes down to how your system sounds. So please remember the first item in your system is the most critical, a combination of the power and interconnect cables. And so you are better off replacing both. 

Better sound

But what will you spend to make your audio system sound better? And here is the best advice I can give. Research, and research again. Then talk to all your friends and see what they are using. But even if your friend’s system sounds excellent, you must not change your cables to what he has because he is using different components. Also, do not think the more you spend, the better the sound will be because you can only hear so much. And for your ears, a 100 euros power cable could be enough. But for your friend a 1000 euros power cable sound better. 

Sorry to tell you this, but you can only do so much to improve your system sound. And it is mainly trial and error that will get you there in the end. Some people can only hear fifty per cent of what others hear. But most people can listen to ninety to one hundred per cent of the sound. And it is easy to spend over because most people do not know what to listen for.
An old English saying is, “You cannot get blood out of a stone”. And so fitting a 3,000 euro power cable is just a waste of money. Because in your system a 1000 euros power cable will work perfectly. Best audiophile interconnect

Well, you found your power cable, and the next step is to find your interconnect cable. And here, you must be smart. And learn from your mistakes. You followed the steps to choose your power cable, and it worked. And do the same, and you will find your interconnect. But this is only the source taken care of. And remember how many components you have and how many power and interconnect cables you need. Exactly so you have to be even more innovative in your selections.

Sound Advice

I will now give you some advice I have learnt over the years. First, when selecting power cables, a three-meter is the best. And have at least one three-meter in your system. The others can be two meters, offering a better sound than one meter. But you can also use 1.5 meters, which could be better but acceptable. When selecting the interconnect cables, use a two-meter or 1.5 meters if possible. Most people are happy with one meter but have never heard the sound a two meter gives, which is a mistake. When it comes to speaker cables, then three meters are perfect and will do the job. Best audiophile interconnect

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