Dreams – never give up

Dreams - never give upDreams – never give. Dreams are a series of pictures, events, emotions, sensations which can be good or bad. But, never know what to expect. How often do you dream? And, how many of the dream do you remember? Also are you affected by your dreams? And, what is the purpose of your dreams? Dreams – never give up!

Never give up

I have had some incredible dreams in my life. But, always woken up, because the event is so real. And, something has brought me back to reality. I have been back to the same dream the next evening. But, carried on where it left off. And, this actually happens on three evenings in a row. I have had this happen quite a few times in my life so Dreams – never give up!

I have had the same dream which was very scary when I was young. And, can still recall that dream today. I always wondered why did the witch try to eat me?

The dreams of flying over the world, way up in the sky. And, moving so fast to different places, is another one of those reoccurring dreams. But, the best is when you actually see yourself sleeping. And, realise you have seconds before you wake up. Ans, Dreams – never give up

So what is a dream and how can we even try to understand how our brain is working. We are just normal people, but when we enter the dream world, we are invincible.

The reality

Music has always been my passion. And, when I was ten years old I would get my mother’s washing up bowls, set them up like a drum kit, with a pair of her knitting needles. I was in my element – yes buddy rich all over again!

I made my first guitar at school. And, bought my first electric guitar when I was about fourteen. With, my mother’s help, of course. And, as a result, I was playing at the local youth club. Which, eventually became a professional group.

Well, reality steps in. And, instead of becoming a rock star. I ended up working in the oil and gas industry. Which, was a very big challenge but at the same time very rewarding. I was able to continue with my guitars, amplifiers, keyboards and stereo system.

My Dream

I am now in a position in my life where I do in fact have a dream. And, my dream is to take my cables all over the world. But, I cannot do it alone so I need your help.

Why should you help me? I have learned, there is more to life than just trying to make money. And I believe one of the best things is to help people in any way you can. Because the more you help others, the more you are helped yourself.

My cables are really is great and, the best value for money, anywhere. If they were in a dealers showroom they would cost three times the price. And, people always say, why do they sound so good but they are so inexpensive? Dreams – never give up

The majority of people, do not realise, how good their audio system can really sound. Also, people, do not know that cables are as important as components. If you have good components you need good cables. And, I want everyone to get the best sound possible from their existing audio systems.

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