Maserati was dead!

MaseratiI had been driving Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, E-type Jaguar, And, also had many other sports cars that were available. But, had never owned a Maserati. I was driving past one of my friend’s garages and I saw the Maserati sitting in the showroom. And, looked fantastic so, I pulled in to have a look.


I was interested to see how good this Maserati felt in comparison to the Ferrari Dino 246GT  I was driving. I had a very good relationship with Terry who owned the garage. And, he said he would be more than happy to let me have a trade price. Because it was not really his cup of tea. So I said ok let me take it out for a spin and I will tell you.

It was a very interesting feeling to sit behind the wheel of a different breed of exotica. And, I quite liked the feel. I had a good deal with Terry and we drove the cars to my house. The Maserati was then driven to my mechanic, to check it over. I ran Terry back to his garage but upon returning I decided I would take the Maserati for a drive. But, did not realise the trouble that awaited me.

Maserati in the ditch

I drove the Maserati through the town and onto a road I know very well. And, it is a good road to check the handling of cars I used to own. I got the feel of the car but did not realise how sensitive the air braking system was. They were just too good, too positive and seemed to give everything all at once. Which was not how I was used to feeling a car during braking.

The result was, I ended up going around a curve on the road and touched the brakes. But, the brakes just locked the wheels. And, I actually ended up in a ditch, looking like something from a James bond movie. I was able to get one of my friends to help me remove the Maserati from the ditch. And, was taken his garage to do a cleanup and check the underneath.

Next event

I had not had the Maserati very long and had spun the car a second time. And, so I decided to get rid of it. Because the cars air braking system was not good for me. I had another friend in London and decided to take the Maserati to show him. My friend had a Ferrari Dino he would give me a good deal on. And, I asked my mechanic friend to come with me to London. And, to help, evaluate the Ferrari.

The Ferrari looked very beautiful. But, my friend said he was not happy because the car had been damaged. And, the repairs had been done but not as they should have been. We left London and headed back for the long drive home. I was very disappointed because I still had the blue devil!

Drive home

It was slow going, as there was a lot of traffic on the road. And, to make it worse there were road works being carried out. The road works were not just in one place but seemed that the whole journey had been a series of road works. To make matters worse it was now raining, which, really slowed things down.

Maserati damagedWe were driving down the main road and came to a detour sign. And, so I took the detour. This was a new piece of road, I had never been on. And, as we came around the corner there was a truck which, had jackknifed across the road. I applied the brakes but my wheels locked up, and I spun on the wet muddy surface.

The Maserati span over to the other side of the road and down a very steep hill. And, somersaulted three times, throwing me and my friend out of the car through the front window. We ended up in the bushes 100 meters from where the car had come to a standstill.


I think I had my guardian angel with me.  Because my angel said ‘Not today, as you have many things to do in your life,”. As you can see by the pictures the car was a total write off. How was it even possible for a person could survive such a crash. This is a question that I often ask. The front of the car was completely gone and it was a miracle we both survived.

Maserati in peevesWhen you study the pictures it really was like that we had been taken out of the car by something. And, thrown into the bushes to protect us any further. My question is – do I have a Guardian angel?  well, we all have, don’t we?

The end

It was so strange for this to happen and it makes you wonder why. We were not speeding and it was just a series of events which, led to a big change in my life.

Maserati smashed upI was actually thrown through the front windscreen and was catapulted into the bushes. A few people saw the accident happen. And, I was able to piece the events together, a few months later. After the accident, we were taken to the hospital. But, I was taken immediately to a hospital called Addenbrookes. This is a hospital that specialises in brain damage.

I was unconscious and had sustained injuries and my true condition was unknown. Plus the fact, I was in a Coma. The Coma, lasted six weeks and nobody knew what would happen. If I would ever recover. In the past, I had a few scrapes and bruises, but nothing that would ever make a person think I had ever been in an accident.

And so I lay in the hospital as the world slipped by. But, one day, I heard singing and slowly opened my eyes. I saw my wife’s best friend sitting by my bed holding my hand. She looked at me, and said, “Paul, you have come back to us”. But, I passed out again.

Two days later, I sat up in bed and said I needed a drink. Suddenly the room was filled with people. And, there was so much excitement. l felt like I was a movie star.

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