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Free audio system set-upI am able to offer you my audio system set-up because I know your audio system can definitely sound better than it does now. And, by doing this can help you to avoid spending necessary funds in trying to get a better sound.

audio system set-up

I am working with sound and sound systems for the past fifty years. And I have a great experience in the art of improving the sound of your system by simply doing small adjustments. Also, the audio system set-up only takes a couple of emails and about an hour of your time. And is guaranteed 100% satisfaction because my system works! 

audio system

In our very well informed world today, there are many methods of adjusting your audio system. And  also, different computer systems, where you use a microphone to find your ‘sweet’ spot. As it is called, but you will find that my system works better. Also, If you follow this link it will take you to see some of the systems set-up this year.


The first step is to sit in your listening position and hold you phone at eye level and takes a picture of you audio system. Your next step is to send the picture to me at either, or WhatsApp +370 61294224.

I look at your picture and write back to you, telling you what to do, and how much to move your speakers and/or other components. Yes, and that is all there is to it. The process will be fine tuned and you will be amazed just how good your present audio system sounds!


The picture at the top was sent to me from Poland by Mr Dirk Mientjes who was given my WhatsApp address by a friend from Holland. And this is the picture that Dirk sent to me. I think you can see the difference in terms of speaker position and toe-in. Also listening position difference, and we did it in two emails. And this was Dirks response –


Audio system set-up results

But, the following day I received a phone call from Dirk (which lasted about thirty minutes) telling me of all the improvements yea was hearing and he had spent the evening listen to many CD’s. And his last words were – I have got chills listening to some of my music!

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