System setup – complimentary

System setup - complimentaryThe complimentary System setup – I am delighted to offer this ‘setup’ service. It is easy to do and will help you to get the best sound from your audio system.

I have helped many people and all with positive results and have pictures of some of the system on file.

System setup


I am astonished how many times I have visited a person who is an Audiophile who does not even know how to set up his audio system. The audio system can comprise of costly components but just not sound the way that is supposed to. Why is this, you may ask?

There is a straightforward rule when dealing with sound, which is something called the sound triangle. The sound triangle has three sides, and the listener sits at the apex. The left speaker is one corner, and the right speaker is the other corner. The trick is to find the right-sized triangle in the room the equipment placed.

First step

Take a picture of your system sitting in your listening position and then send your photo to me, and I will look and your photo and study it well. I will ask you a few questions by email, and then I will instruct you what to do.

Second step

And, now the fun begins as it will involving moving your speakers and maybe equipment. But, in most cases, just only a few inches needs to be moved, and sometimes it can be less than that.

Third step

And, now the fine-tuning stage with angle adjustments and also the final distance measurements. It usually will take about three emails to get it right. After this, you will then be able to hear your system, as it should sound and in some cases, it has been up to 30% better!

These are just some of the systems

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