Reference Speaker and Power Cables

Reference Speaker and Power CablesWell Paul, as I and others have said before, you have DONE IT AGAIN!  So, here is my review of the Reference Speaker and Power Cables.

First off let me start by saying music and listening to music is an emotional experience for me as it takes me back to simpler times, triggers fond memories from times past and just the pure pleasure of listening. To say that I am an Audiophile.

I suppose that term is somewhat subjective but I came across a definition from a review that struck a chord with me….” in search of the truth”.  That truth is the closest thing to being there or the true reproduction of the artist performing right in front of you!
I received Paul’s cables yesterday after a long 3-week wait for shipping from Lithuania and they arrived safe and sound.  The “fit and finish” is stunning and the gold plated banana termination connections fit securely into the speaker terminals.  These Reference Speaker Cables are 3.5 meters and terminated tri-wire with the a/n banana plugs with designated bass, mid and high coloured connections.
Critical listening
I chose three albums I am so familiar with, Sade side 1 of Diamond Life, Frank Sinatra, The World We Knew, side 1  and Diana Krall, Live in Paris, side 4 or D.
Sade has lots of percussion, tight bass, brass and vocals providing a well-rounded sound stage.  I connected the Reference Speaker Cables and played side 1, so I sat back to listen critically and I was overwhelmed with what I was experiencing.  Not only has the sound stage become even more present, but the separation of the saxophone, bass and her vocals also astounded me!  I felt completely enveloped as I listened to all the nuances I had not heard before, specifically the detail in the percussion!  The bass was super tight and crisp complementing the mids and highs making the whole experience magical!
Next, I connect the Reference Power Cord to my amp and sat back again to listen to Frank Sinatra… this addition to the equation took the sound stage to another level, I have NEVER heard Frank’s voice so upfront and centre.  His voice coming through with so much clarity and detail like I have never heard before! Then the background vocals and orchestra all falling into place around his vocals….and once again the intricate detail becomes even more prevalent… Reference Speaker and Power Cables
Diana Krall
The last side on this album is magnificent and in particular the second song, A Case of You, just her vocals and the piano.   The first thing that came to mind was that iconic Maxell Cassette Tape commercial with the guy being blown away while sitting back in his chair listening to his system.  I sunk back into my chair and took in what I was hearing as if she was performing right in the room.  It was so moving I found myself with tears rolling down my cheeks as I listened!
I am well aware of the controversy over cables on a lot of the social media networks where hi-fi enthusiasts voice their opinions.  But I have to say that knowing my system like I do in a controlled environment and introducing these new additions to my system without a doubt has me overwhelmed. The improved soundstage separation, the amazing pure clarity and overall “ truest sound” I have ever heard,  so much so I was more than emotionally moved!
Reference speaker cablesI can’t recommend Perkune cables enough and I can attest to the remarkable difference they have made in my system and the closest sound to a true present musical experience.
My system:
Naim Nap 300 DR, Naim XPS DR, Naim Nac 272, Gold note TT, Dynavector XX2-MK II, Gold note PH10 phono stage, PMC Twenty 26 and of course Perkune interconnects, reference power and speaker cables.  I utilized a Feikert Universal Protractor to set up my cartridge and TT.
Bill Long, Procter, B.C., Canada
Perkune – Best audiophile cables online

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