Audiophile Cable compatibility

speak cable testing I system set upThe picture above was taken just over four years ago. And the equipment owned by a doctor. The doctor had a friend (also a doctor) who was also a friend of mine. And I was asked to help because the owner had tried everything to improve the sound and needed help. And I am writing this article, ‘Audiophile cable compatibility’, as it may also help other audiophiles.

Audiophile cable compatibility

When I arrived at the apartment, the set-up was different as the system was on another wall facing a full-sized window. And I said no wonder you are having problems. It is because your sound cannot control itself because of the full-sized window. And Vydas replied, “That is what I thought you might say, so I am happy to do anything to get a good sound.”

The room was almost square, about four meters x nearly four meters and with a high ceiling. One wall was made entirely from glass. And the adjoining wall had a door in the middle. One wall had an arched opening, and the remaining wall was solid. So, this setup was undoubtedly not suitable for a listening area. And so I had to offer a solution.

Room reposition 

The solution was to put the audio equipment on the solid wall and reposition the speakers to correct the sound. This procedure took a few attempts, but we succeeded in the end. But, the sound was still not as good as it could be, so we tried using a different amplifier to no avail. Next, we tried another CD player, but the sound could have been better. So I suggested changing the power cables. Vidas said OK, I have a few spares in the back room and returned with three weird-looking power cables. Audiophile Cable compatibility

The first Power cable we tried made the system sound even worse and lifeless without energy and feeling. And Vydas laughed as he exchanged the power cable for the second power cable. We sat back to listen, but again there was no improvement in the system sound. And I said, well, third time lucky. And this time, the result was positive, bringing more life and energy back into the music. “Great, at long last, I like what I heard,” Vydas said.

We sat down and listened to a few tracks, and Vydas was delighted with the system’s sound. And he asked me what I thought of the system sound.
It was good but could still improve by fitting better cables. What can you suggest Vydas asked. I replied that I would bring some cables to test tomorrow if I had time and if he agreed. And Vydas decided we could meet at seven the following evening. Audiophile Cable compatibility

Following evening

We met at seven as arranged, and this time there were a couple of bottles of wine on the side table. And Vydas said this is for our success! I laughed and said so, let’s get this party started. So we listened to the music and replaced the power cable with the one I had brought. And when the music played, we all heard the difference in sound at the speakers. I know how good the speakers were and was impressed with how they responded to the music. And everything was now on a different level sonically.

Vydas was delighted, and so the wine came into play. And we raised our glasses and drank to the new sound. I was pleased with the results and felt excellent about the company and happy to be a part of the doctor group. And yet another happy person in the audiophile world! Audiophile Cable compatibility


I can remember this experience like it happened yesterday. But it happened four years ago. And I have experienced many similar meetings over the past four years, all ending with similar results. And this makes me feel great because I have been able to help another person improve their sound.

A quick recap –
  • Position your equipment in the correct place
  • reposition your equipment to produce optimum sound.
  • Test different power cables to find the perfect match
  • Sit back and enjoy the music

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