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ReviewReview from Poland – A few weeks ago I received a letter from Mr Paul Goodwin who lived in Vilnius, Lithuania to ask if would Review some of the cables he produced. He informed me about his site, that was called Perkune audiophile cables. I admit that I had never heard of Perkune, but after hearing the company’s offer, thought it was worth a try as they claim best budget audiophile cable!


The Name “Perkune” is the thundering Baltic version of the ancient Slavic god Perunas bałtyjskiego. Perkune audiophile cables are a one-person workshop, and currently, Perkune offers several types of wires. XLR and RCA interconnect speaker cables and power cables. It also has professional cables for guitar amplifiers and guitars. There is also a Vintage range intended for older models of amplifiers and receivers.


I think it is worth quoting the motto that guided Paul in the preparation of its cables. I quote from the corporate side: “What used to annoy me was the vast sums of money a person would spend on a so-called High-end cable. audio cable Review

The gain was minimal and the cord could cost more than the equipment used. With this in mind, I decided to find a set of cables that would bring high-end performance to the market place but would have a Low-end price tag.

I spent months searching and testing all over the world and finally found a manufacturer in Germany who made the power cord and a manufacturer in Italy who made the Interconnect and loudspeaker cable. I was then ready for the next step, which was to ask my friends and colleagues to help me test the wires. The results were far more significant than expected, and so Perkune audiophile cables began. audio cable Review


I received the RCA ‘pro’ 1 m and the power cord ‘pro’ 2 m. The Cables came to me wrapped in a bubble wrap envelope in foil—no boxes, certificates, etc. Traces of the DIY segment but there is nothing to irritate. A carton for a cable is extra, even renowned American company Cardas Audio are packaged simply in a plastic bag and AntiCables in vacuum foil.

The Perkune cables presented a decent solid plug (power is Japanese Oyaide) and made from robust materials. The cables are quite flexible and suitable to hold. The rest you can see from the photographs. The Perkune wires, I can associate with British Tellurium QI. The power cord is made in Germany using OFC and equipped with gold-plated contacts for optimum signal transmission. The cable marked for polarity. audio cable Review

  • Wires – 3 x 2.5 mm2.
  • Resistance: 9.98 ohm/km.
  • Capacity: 29 A Cable.
  • Weight 168 kg/km.
  • Test voltage 2 K.
  • Maximum voltage – 500 V.
  • Maximum temperature: 150 degrees C.
  • Minimum Temperature: -40 degrees C.
  • Flame Spread: CSN EN 60332-1-2.
  • Certificates: HAR, RoHS, REACH.
  • Capacitor Core / Core – 55 pF / meter.
  • Insulation – Compact PE.
  • Shield 100% coverage.
  • Cover: PVC.
  • Outer casing: PVC heat shrink wrap.

The power cord connected to the source and amplifiers, phono stages and headsets. The Interconnects I used primarily between Dac and amplifier, phono preamplifier and amplifier. The Perkune cost in Poland is about 800 PLN per pair or in audiophile values are quite reasonably priced and accessible. They are not very cheap, but not expensive, and I would say that the cost is just right. audio cable Review

Optimal audio cables should not add anything to the sound. The perfect hi-fi cables are those which are transparent, that is one hundred per cent and reveal the original sound source to the amplifier. In other words, the perfect hi-fi cables characterised by the kind of transparency and crystallinity sound. They do not bring anything to the music or highlight and accentuate its character.


Poland Matrix Source cablePerkune cables are characterised by unprecedented purity and naturalness of communication, allowing you to explore the sound thoroughly. Nuances and details coming in, for example from a source (DAC Audio Analogue Vivace) reported accurately and fairly, have adequate selectivity grain and are clear and unambiguous.

They have a real dimension, are drawn on a genuinely black background. During the listening sessions from FLAC 16-bit / 44.1 kHz (Various Artists, Linn Records Sampler), you find resonance, richness and radiance of instruments, high selectivity recordings, and even a little to expose the metallicity, paid by trumpets and saxophones.

You feel the different nuances and details, allowing you to enjoy the full sound. Important to note that Perkune is famously suited for the headphone system. They provide a full and saturated sound of prime tonal diversity. The music is deliciously direct, fresh and reliable. The cables are bright and lighted, have no analogue mists, do not rub any signal bloom, do not introduce distance. The wires have no excessive aggression and are balanced and Holographic.


Conclusion of the Review from Poland. The application may be only one. Perkune cables cost relatively little and will bring a lot of positives to a sound system. They are transparent and universal. They bring the sound of squeaky clean. It is worth to listen to them because you may well want to have them!

Test system
  • The Amplifiers – Hegel H160, Audia Flight FL Three S Fezz audio Silver Luna, CAYIN CS-55 A, Dayens Ecstasy III, Audio Analogue Fortissimo and Taga Harmony HTA- 700B
  • Speakers: Triangle Esprit Antal EZ, Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand, Polk Audio RTi A. AudioSolutions Overture O203F, Zing Zero Bookshelf, Zing Client Nano Sub Guru Audio Junior. Taga Harmony Platinum One and Studio 16 Hertz. Canto Three SE. Digital sources: CD Musical Fidelity A1 CD PRO CD / Audio Analogue Fortissimo.
  • DAC: Audio Analogue Vivace and NuForce Air DAC.
  • Computers: Apple MacBook Pro and Toshiba Satellite S75.
  • Turntables: Clearaudio Emotion insert Goldring Legacy, and Pioneer PLX-1000 insert. Goldring 1042 and Ortofon 2M Red.
  • Phono preamps: IFI Phono, Primare R32, Sonus Oliva and Ri-Audio PH-1.
  • Tuners: Rotel RT-1080, Yamaha T-550 and Sansui TU-5900
  • Cassette: Nakamichi 1. Mini system Pioneer P1-K. Headphones: RHA MA750, Final Audio Design Adagio V, Final Audio Design Pandora Hope VI, Oppo PM-3 and AKG K545.
  • Headphone Amplifiers: CAYIN C6, C6 CAYIN DAC, Divaldi AMP-01 and Taga Harmony HTA-700B.
  • Cables: Laboratory Audiomica series Red and Gray. DC-Components and Harmonix CI-230 Mark II. KBL Sound power cord fluid. Power cord and RCA interconnects Perkune. Speaker cables Speaker Cardas 101, Melodika Brown Sugar BSC 2450 and Taga Harmony Platinum-18.
  • Accessories: Rogoz Audio 3SG40, the base of the speaker Rogoz Audio 4QB80, interest vibration Rogoz Audio bw40, cabinet audio Solid-Tech Radius Duo 3 and mat pickups Harmonix 800EXi. Plugs RCA, Jacks Seven rods.
Price as tested

Perkune Interconnects 2 x 1 meter – price EU 295 (including delivery).

Author: Ludwig Hegel – Stereo I Kolorowo – Underground (Poland).

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