A True story about Power cords

True story about power cords
A True story about Power cords, from a customer in Norway using Perkune audiophile cables four years: and, the picture shows the quality of his system. I love Ayre products because they work in harmony with my cables.

A True story

“Three years ago I bought a single Power cord from Perkune audiophile cables. I was experimenting with different lines to find the best cables for my system. After trying Perkune Power cords, I was so impressed by the sound quality I decided to try Pauls other cables. The cables sounded just as good, and I was pleased with the results. During the first year, I became a firm believer these were the best cables for my system.


A true story about power cordsAfter another year, Paul upgraded the range, and so I was able to try the new cables. The Ultimate Power cords are a big step up from the previous power cords. The soundstage became more extensive, the background darker, which made it easier to hear the fine details in the music. The musical properties of the cables are excellent and the best sounding Power cords I have tried anywhere.
And yesterday I received four Perkune Power cord GOLDs, which, I have been listening to my system all day. I will say the new Power cords are stunning and can convey more of the musical information. And, is nothing short of a jaw-dropping experience. The 3D effect is unbelievable, and details float in suspension right in front of me!
Now, I am much closer to the performers. The level of details draws me into a world of its own. The texture of instruments has increased, and I “feel” every note! The soundstage is much more profound as if I was right there at the performance. But at the same time the music relaxed and natural.  These new Power cords show a difference because everything highlighted. A unique experience and INCREDIBLE!
The background is now absolutely silent. And, makes the music appear just like magic! The Vocals has a clarity that brings forth the emotions and credibility and makes the music real. Reverbs, echoes, after echoes, crossfades and all the studio mastering effects are there. Now I can hear so many things that I never heard before. And, is just like starting all over again!
Eirik’s story
Maybe for some of you, this ‘True story about Power cords’ takes some believing! There are continuous debates about Power cords, and do they make a difference? People make youtube videos and state it is impossible to hear any difference because a cable is only a piece of wire. People add words like ‘snake oil’, ‘tricksters’ and ‘con artists’ in discussion groups. Many years ago, I was happy to use cables supplied with components. Using a light cord for speaker cables and a kettle cord for a power cord seemed to work well. I was happy to put on ‘Foot Tapper’ and listen to the Shadows in my bedroom!

Over the years, improvements in technology have taken audio to a new level. We must use ‘this’ to prevent ‘that,’ and we need ‘that’ to help with ‘this,’ but is it all necessary? Very confusing for a person who is entering into the beautiful world of audio – just as I did fifty years ago and knew nothing!

The Plan

Borrow a Power cord, put it into your system, sit back and listen. Then, answer these questions – How does your system sound? What does the new Power cord do? Are there any sonic improvements? Are the upgrades worth the cost of the Power cord? It is that simple, but, it all depends on the Power cord you will try.  There are many long power cords. You just have to look and find a Power cord that is the right one for you!

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