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It was my intention to produce a set of cables that would work. I wanted the customer to talk about their results in a positive manner. After four years I have many customer comments and pleased to share them with you.


How to judge a cable which you have not heard is impossible. How can you be sure everything the manufacturer claims is possible. If you read the results that people are getting by using my cables it will give you an indication. And maybe try the cables for yourself, remember nothing ventured nothing gained!


Unfortunately, there are thousands of companies who offer products that certainly do not live up to the claims made by the manufacturer. I offer you a full money-back guarantee.


As I receive customer testimonials, I will add to the database. You are more than welcome to request the name and email address of the person making a particular comment. I have tried to put the comments into order and placed in categories to make it easier. Please see below and select the category that you wish to view.

Latest results ~ 

Hi Paul, the Air Dreams Power Cables finally arrived today!! I sorted out the polarity as per your great instructions for the European adapters and left them connected for an hour NOW I am spinning a Sade album, Stronger Than Pride which I know well. I am simply astounded at this early stage how these cables outperform my Nordost Red Dawns!!!!

This is a spectacular original analogue recording with lots of warm tube-like warmth and now the sound stage just became so much more rich with such a sense of space! Not that I was sceptical but every cable I have purchased from you keeps taking it to the next level making my system sounding it’s best and BEYOND!

These cables breath new life into my system beyond what I ever imagined when we first started down this path. So now this makes Air Dreams speaker cables, RCA interconnects and now these new power cables, one to my amp power supply and the second to the power supply to my preamp. Once again, Paul, you have done it and come through with truly amazing cables!!

My gear: Naim NAC N 272 preamp, Naim XPS DR, Naim NAP 300 DR, Gold note Valore 425 Plus TT, Dynavector 20X2H, Dynavector P75 MK IV, PMC Twenty 26 speakers and Perkune Cables as per above! Best regards Bill.

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