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Customer comments Audio cables informationWhen I started in this business, I intended to produce a set of cables that would work. I wanted the Customer to talk about their results in a positive manner. And, after five years, I have many Customer comments and pleased to share with you. To see the Customer comments sections, please go to the first page and put your pointer on the testimonials tab. And, the drop-down menu will appear. Look at the area you want and select. You will then be able to see all comments on the cables.


How to judge a cable which you have not heard is impossible. How can you be sure everything the manufacturer claims is possible. If you read the results that people are getting by using my cables, it will give you an indication. And maybe try the lines for yourself, remember nothing ventured nothing gained! Customer comments


Unfortunately, there are thousands of companies who offer products that certainly do not live up to the claims made by the manufacturer. I suggest a full money-back guarantee. My cables, sold with a lifetime money-back guarantee and I have never had to use it. And this is because my cables work and the Customer is happy.


As I receive Customer comments and testimonials, I will add to the database. And, you are more than welcome to request the name and email address of the person making a particular comment. I have tried to put the feedback into order and placed in categories to make it easier.

Latest results from Canada

These are my Interconnect cable results. First of all, let me start by saying I am no stranger to the magical cables that Paul produces. My system is “PERKUNED” as I have his Reference Power cables and tri wire Reference 3M Speaker Cables which on their own have converted my system from sounding incredible too astounding! Both of which I have written about, and I believe are available to read on the PERKUNE site. Customer comments

Now the XLR Reference Cable…..this is an upgrade from the PERKUNE Air Dream RCA 2M interconnect (which are great cables) from my Gold note PH 10 Phono preamp to my Naim Nac 272 Preamp. I am an admitted Vinyl guy through and through. I love the warmth and purity of the analogue sound like many of you can relate.

The Cables

These cables arrived with much anticipation, given I have never experienced the XLR world before. And, the cables presented in a gorgeous aluminium case with lots of padding and a PERKUNE authentication card. The cables themselves have real weight to them and are in my mind works of art visually! Now if you are at all familiar with Naim, they have a specific analogue input to accommodate either RCA or their phono stages. In this configuration, which Paul sorted out, I have connected the XLR from my Gold note PH10 to my Nac 272 RCA analogue input utilizing 2conversion adaptors. 

So now the sound right out of the case, caught me off guard just how transparent these cables are so much, so I had to adjust the PH10 to accommodate just how efficient and open they are. Once I changed the load and gained on the PH10, I settled in by listening to Patrica Barber – Cafe’ Blue, which is an excellent standard for both vocal and instrumentation. For me, music is all about EMOTION. And how it portrayed. Not only from the artist but how presented through our systems to the point it all disappears and left with just the soundstage presentation. Customer comments


I have to say the addition of the XLR cable has brought that emotion to the forefront by merely broadening the soundstage, the instrument placement and vocals that make you feel like the artist is right in front more so than ever before! Once again, I am very familiar with my system, and this addition has increased the transparency, accuracy and the soundstage that instils that EMOTION! I can’t say enough about this cable combination and the XLR is the icing on the cake “magical”. The XLR has opened the signal path between the PH10 and the 272. And, bringing out the mids, highs and bass to another level!!! Paul, you have done it again, just a fantastic addition to what is already an excellent system! Thank you once again for what you dd. And I can’t recommend PERKUNE cables enough. Customer comments

System: Naim Nap 300DR. Naim Nac 272, XPS DR, Gold note PH10, Gold note Volare TT, Dynavector XX2 Mk II and PMC Twenty 26 Speakers and of course the a/n Perkune Cables.

Bill Long, British Columbia, Canada

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