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When I first started in this business, I aimed to create a set of cables that would deliver positive results for the customer. And after nine years, still receive customer comments and will add to the database. Also, you are more than welcome to request the name of a person making a particular comment. I have tried to put the feedback into order and placed it in categories to make it easier.

Well, I’m finally getting around to document my experience with Paul and his cables. And I am writing this testimonial to share my experience as it also may help others in three search for equipment upgrade. I’ve been contemplating on upgrading my system to bi-amping in order to get more from my B&W 803 D speakers. I started out moving up from AQ Rocket 88 to Paul’s ‘Airdream’ and noticed a difference in quality. I then contacted Paul regarding my system and inquired about adding an amp to Bi-Amp my system, and what would I need to improve things to get more from my system. And his consultation was excellent.

I added a Moon 870A to my 700i and Matrix S speaker cables. I also purchased one each of Matrix S and Reference power cable along with a Reference XLR cable. Once all connected, I noticed a big difference in sound quality. The sound came alive and filled the room magnificently. My speakers seemed to be working more efficiently without the strain effect. Vocals were clean, clear and crisp. The bass was solid and not overwhelming. My sound stage came alive. The combo of bi-amp with new cables made a whale of a difference. I was now hearing instruments that I didn’t recognise prior to this addition. Not only does Paul produce great cables, but he is a great consultant and helped me tweak my system. Which was done in about three emails – Chet (BC Canada


Let me start by saying thank you for all your help, and that my stereo system has never sounded better. My initial investment in the Matrix-S power cords was my first step, a major leap forward, in sound fidelity.  For those that have bought into the thinking that power cords don’t make any difference because they don’t carry a musical signal, you need to give your head a shake. Trust your ears. The Matrix-S power cords made a huge difference in the sound stage, the detail & the depth of the music.  If you are using stock power cords that came with your equipment, I would love to see the look of surprise on your face should you try these. And, now the interconnects, another quantum leap into the world of high fidelity. And absolutely amazing to hear! 

As the last addition to my music system they produce wonderful imaging, even more accurate pin-pointing of instruments in a very musical soundscape. I have asked myself how Paul at Perkune has been able to do this at very reasonable prices.  The best bang for the buck in the entire cable industry in fact.  My answer is he is a craftsman & produces all of the Perkune line himself.  No factory.  No mass production line.  He hand makes each & every cable he sells. And lets you know when your order is complete, the day he ships (Fedex), & provides tracking. Professional & personal. Highly recommended. Larry, BC, Canada

Hi Paul, I hope you are doing great. And here in Bergen, it’s a warm summers day, and so lovely this time of the year. I have been listening to my new digital RCA cable. And I have to say; this cable is just incredible. The cherry on top! First, I had a movie about 2 hours long and switched from my previous, AirDream 2 digital RCA cable for about an hour, thinking it was an excellent way to hear the difference, and thanks for your help on this. Customer comments

But once I did the switch, the new digital reference sounded better. And,Knowing Perkune cables and what they can do, I decided to let the cable bed in for about ten hours. And, when I then tried listening again, the difference was staggering! The sound from the new Digital RCA was nothing short of what I would call Digital Sweetness.It was much more profound in the bass, warmer in the sound and velvety smooth Clarity! It is so good that when a movie has music, like you suddenly listen to hi-end stereo-Best from Eirik, Bergan, Norway

The USA 

Some people spend all their budget on pre-amps, amps, and speakers. But, I’m here to tell you the signal-path chain can make an average system sound tremendous system glorious. And, I will say, “You can count on Perkune Cables to bring your home theatre system (and your two-channel system) to a level that always brings a smile to your face and your ears”. Hollywood Amps trusts Paul Goodwin’s cables, and you will, too. Author: Christopher R. Phillip Founder, Thrust Magazine and Hollywood Amps Clearwater, Florida, USA.


Good morning Paul, and I finally had a chance to review the Reference 2 power cord. I have always loved the reference version and would put it up against anything. Still, this Reference 2 is an exceptional value. I settled to play my usual run of the mill tracks. Straight off the bat, I was “‘wow, this is a serious game-changer” this was from the first few notes. They were so real, in space, lively; I love this, more music now, depth of field was beautiful, the image was lovely too, wow this is fantastic. But then I decided they don’t get carried away; let’s look for problems. The excitement of all the qualities may push your brain into not noticing issues, hmm I went through quite a few recordings, and again, I couldn’t find anything that stuck out for me too to the bottom. Beautiful upgrade from an already excellent Reference cable. Graham, Canada


We recently upgraded our hi-fi equipment to a Hegel H90 Integrated Amplifier, a pair of Dali Rubicon 6 floor standing speakers and an Arcam CDS50 CD/SACD player. We had bought speaker cables on recommendation from Paul previously, and had been very happy with them. However, we saw the Matrix cables and to match the interconnects, we got were the Matrix interconnects. We had Pauls previous speaker cables and a Nordost Blue Heaven set of interconnects. However, compared to what we heard from the new equipment, it was UNBELIEVABLE in quality and Clarity. Compared to the Nordost cables, they sounded a little “thin” by comparison to the Matrix interconnects. We can’t recommend Pauls cables and connectors more highly; well done, Paul and keep up the great work – Joe Timmins Sydney

British Columbia

Hello Paul, and the Matrix power cord & speaker cables received last week are nicely burning in. And, I am very impressed with the sound. But, with the Matrix cables, I hear things I never heard before. Dynamics and Clarity are first class, and the soundstage extends well beyond the Harbeth speakers. Also, mids are fully fleshed out, and the bass is extended & tight. I was considering purchasing a subwoofer to augment my Harbeth P3 ESR’s bass. But, that is no longer necessary. And I thank you for saving me the cost of a subwoofer. Also, I feel your new Matrix series of speaker, Interconnect and Power cables represent exceptional value for the money. And I am not aware of any similarly priced lines on the market today that compares sonically in their price range. Thank you for all your help and guidance – Wayne, BC. Canada. Customer comments


Hi Paul, and even though my computer, built as a working tool, colossal importance was sound quality. I installed the audio card Creative AE-9. And, From all cards, this was the best. When I told Paul, he was intrigued. And, I wanted to compare how my PC would sound with one of his cables. Paul offered me the ‘Matrix‘ power cable. I left all settings and volume the same. But, now the music was louder, more transparent and brighter. After a week, Paul brought me his Reference 2 Power cable. The music played, and I leaned back to listen. The music was much smoother, with more separation in the vocals and instruments. A huge Sound stage was filling my room, and I heard detail and micro details all around me. The 3D feeling was sensational, and I was utterly stunned. I now understand the meaning of ‘removing the garbage’ from the music Antanas, Vilnius, Lithuania. Customer comments

The UK

Hello Paul. I love Perkune Audiophile Cables. And, I want to say I am very impressed by Matrix loudspeaker cables. Your cables have entirely changed the sound of my system. And, now hearing things I never heard before. These cables are detailed and have expression, and the soundstage fills my room. Also, the 3D is just mind-blowing. I thought it was great when I plugged in your Matrix power cable. The performance is now a huge step forward as the sound is the best. It has been over four years, and amazing how time passes so quickly. And I will continue to tell my friends – Steve, Norfolk. Customer comments


Hi Paul, and, now had the pleasure of listening to the new Reference 2 interconnects. I had a fantastic experience listening to my music, which has more space and dimensionality in all directions. Also, every sound effect has its place on the soundstage. The ambience also fills the room with ease, and the music is all around you. The vocals sound so sweet and clear and with such emotion. And, Hard to believe, cables could have this impact. The Performer was literally in the room and played their heart out. And, even on complex mixed music, you heard every tone and text. Truly remarkable!! To tie it all together was a musicality, and just pure audio bliss, Eirgile, Sweden. Customer comments


I have just returned from a four-hour listening session at a clients apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania. And want to share information and lessons learned because it proved the power of a suitable audio cable once again. My story started when I met Antanas Šėmis in the summer of 2020. Antanas works with 3D modelling, and so needs a top of the line computer system. And it was in February 2021 when I discovered Antanas had a passion for audio. The thing is that once you get bitten by the audio bug, there is no stopping what will happen next. And as this story will show, it has taken a year to develop from the first bite to full-blown development Read more →

Paul….FANTASTIC news Just tested and very much blown away in every sense and Thank you SO MUCH! Oddly enough, I first tried it on the piece you know, and on that piece maybe the recording is not so good and because my prior connection was poor, it actually HELPED (paradoxically) hide the grainy imperfections that your cable exposes. However, I then tried some house music on a better quality recording and it is truly NIGHT AND DAY
I can say that what previously were little samples here and there now have a fuller personality and almost an extra energy of within themselves. Like truly more life-force and independence of spirit to those samples/instruments and I’m truly impressed! . Customer comments
Cable definitely comes into its own with house music. I selected a mix with lots of delicate samples specifically. It’s so interesting that individual samples sound more “live” True personality of them and excellent for speaking too.
And now I realise why every time I listened to a lecture I had to eliminate the bass and turn treble to max! But  now no longer – Excellent!
Even on this cheap system, a massive difference, and I’m sure a better system would show me that truth even more. And I will be sure to read your article before I see you on Sunday, Again many thanks, your work and generosity is hugely appreciated. Oliver, Kaunas Lithuania  Customer comments
Report from Canada

Hi Paul and these are my Interconnect cable results. First of all, let me start by saying I am no stranger to the magical cables that Paul produces. My system is “PERKUNED” as I have his Reference Power cables and tri wire Reference 3M Speaker Cables which on their own have converted my system from sounding incredible too astounding! Both of which I have written about, and I believe are available to read on the PERKUNE site. Now the XLR Reference Cable…..this is an upgrade from the PERKUNE Air Dream RCA 2M interconnect (which are great cables) from my Gold note PH 10 Phono preamp to my Naim Nac 272 Preamp. I am an admitted Vinyl guy through and through. I love the warmth and purity of the analogue sound like many – Customer comments

The Cables

These cables arrived with much anticipation, given I have never experienced the XLR world before. And, the cables presented in a gorgeous aluminium case with lots of padding and a PERKUNE authentication card. The cables themselves have real weight to them and are in my mind works of art visually! Now if you are at all familiar with Naim, they have a specific analogue input to accommodate either RCA or their phono stages. In this configuration, which Paul sorted out, I have connected the XLR from my Gold note PH10 to my Nac 272 RCA analogue input utilising 2 conversion adaptors. Customer comments

So now the sound right out of the case, caught me off guard just how transparent these cables are so much, so I had to adjust the PH10 to accommodate just how efficient and open they are. Once I changed the load and gained on the PH10, I settled in by listening to Patrica Barber – Cafe’ Blue, which is an excellent standard for both vocal and instrumentation. For me, music is all about EMOTION. And how it portrayed. Not only from the artist but how presented through our systems to the point it all disappears and left with just the soundstage presentation. 


I have to say the addition of the XLR cable has brought that emotion to the forefront by merely broadening the soundstage, the instrument placement and vocals that make you feel like the artist is right in front more so than ever before! Once again, I am very familiar with my system, and this addition has increased the transparency, accuracy and the soundstage that instils that EMOTION! I can’t say enough about this cable combination and the XLR is the icing on the cake “magical”. The XLR has opened the signal path between the PH10 and the 272. And, bringing out the mids, highs and bass to another level!!! Paul, you have done it again, just a fantastic addition to what is already an excellent system! Thank you once again for what you dd. And I can’t recommend PERKUNE cables enough. 

System: Naim Nap 300DR. Naim Nac 272, XPS DR, Gold note PH10, Gold note Volare TT, Dynavector XX2 Mk II and PMC Twenty 26 Speakers and of course the whole range from Perkune Audiophile Cables. Bill Long, British Columbia, Canada

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