Audiophile Power Cable testing

Paul goodwinThe temperature was 34 Degrees Celsius, and some might say that it is too hot for Audiophile Power Cable testing. But, I knew there was Air conditioning and hot coffee at my friend’s studio so let the testing begin! But wait a minute – just what is testing on this day? Is there nothing better to do than play around in a studio on this beautiful summers day?

Audiophile Power Cable

Audiophile Power Cable testingI had just finished testing the new Perkune Audiophile Reference S power cable and was very pleased with the results. But, I wanted to try the power cable in a different system in a different location and to get a second opinion on the cables performance. And, so who better to ask, than my very good friend Lukas from ‘Garso Namai’, located Kauno g 31, Vilnius, Lithuania. 

Power cable testing

Audiophile Power Cable testingI arrived at the studio with the Reference S power cable coiled neatly in its carrying case. And, I knew, this same cable would be heading out to Canada to meet a new owner at the weekend. I entered the studio and felt the cool air on my face, making me think that it was time to warm up the place! And, I certainly had the tool with which to warm things up – the Perkune Reference S!

Cable surprise

Power cable modsThe first thing was to say hello and have a coffee. Then, getting the right atmosphere enables us to choose how we should do the testing. I must admit I enjoyed all the listening/testing sessions performed this year because it seemed that every test brought forth something new. And, this how we learn and grow. The cable shown is The ‘MAINSTREAM HYBRID’ power cable from Van-den-Hul. And, it was a new purchase by Lucas to see just how good it was. Van-den-Hul, a well-known and respected company in the audio industry, has introduced this cable and made some fascinating claims. Audiophile Power Cable testing

  • A unique noise suppression filter.
  • A high continuous current capacity
  •  Maximum transparency with regards to instantaneously drawn current surges.
  • Strong shielding against in and outwards radiation of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
  • Heavy conductors and shield of high quality also found in our loudspeaker cables.

First of all, The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID’s unique Hybrid conductor structure and configuration designed to work as an embedded powerline filter. This particular built-in filter effectively suppresses high-frequency powerline noise without imposing any current delivery limitations: Unlike conventional powerline filters, The MAINSTREAM HYBRID does not employ any filtering components in series with its AC path; Series impedance (reactance) is absent, and the cable, therefore, does not exhibit any current limiting. Including resonance or sluggish response to present demand effects. An actual unlimited stream of clean mains power indeed! Audiophile Power Cable testing

 *1: The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID’s particular embedded filter structure suppresses both existing types of powerline contamination. i.e., differential mode (across the lines) and standard mode (simultaneous on both lines) noise components.

  • Secondly, the cable equipped with a high-quality shield. This heavy shield has two critical functions:
  • 1. It keeps powerline noise from radiating outwards onto your close by equipment and interconnects.
  • 2. It keeps external electromagnetic and radio frequency interference from entering the AC line.
  • Third, the cable’s central yellow-green coloured ground lead features a low broadband impedance. And, allows for perfect drainage of the connected equipment’s ground current noise, keeping the noise floor down.

In transporting AC power and cleaning and protecting it from high-frequency noise, The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID is a unique multifunctional product. As a result, the MAINSSTREAM HYBRID can be looked upon as a gatekeeper, physically separating the noise-contaminated mains from your equipment’s interconnect and power wiring, And without imposing any current delivery limitations. Audiophile Power Cable testing

 Important Note: 

The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID is not available in lengths below 1.5 meter. And it is equipped with heavy gauge high purity, silver-coated, oxygen-free stranded copper conductors. And, the effective cross-section area of The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID’s current leads is 1.69 mm² ( AWG 15). Therefore, the cable’s loop present series resistance is a very low 0.02 Ohm per meter run.

The combined contact resistance of attached standard mains and IEC plugs is often higher; Therefore, high-quality plugs, outlets, power entries, and further mains wiring are essential. The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID’s 1.69 mm² current leads, as per international standard: IEC Publication 335-1, allow a continuous operating current over 16 Amperes.

With its gold-coloured heavy HULLIFLEX ® four jacket and heavy shield beneath, The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID is exceptionally rugged. In addition, the MAINSSTREAM HYBRID’s high purity dense silver coated stranded shield and inner conductors, and throughout applied HULLIFLEX ® four polymer insulation material provides optimal protection against chemical (corrosive) attack outside world and ensure a very long lifespan.


Testing amplifier

I was very excited to hear how the ‘MAINSSTREAM HYBRID’ sounded in the system. And, we chose a track and started the  Audiophile Power Cable testing.

The amplifier used was the Arcam SA30 Class G Intelligent Integrated Amplifier. And, the reason is, we both love the sound this amplifier produced during a testing session in November 2020 – Review.

Acoustic-energy AE520 loudspeakers

Loudspeakers were Acoustic-energy AE520, And once again, we both love the sound these loudspeakers produce.

We performed a listening session in November 2020 when the speakers were new. And, they have had over six months to bed in, which means the sound is top class. And, You may wish to read the Review.


Cable comparison

The music sounded great, as one would expect with this calibre of equipment. And, we listened to the test track again and removed the ‘MAINSSTREAM HYBRID’ and replaced it with Perkune Reference S. Now, the music took on a different feel. The music had more speed and dynamics. The vocal was now crystal clear without the haze around the edges. Also, the music was more involving, with a bass becoming more profound and exciting! 

As you see in the picture above – the Perkune Reference S power cable is larger and has a more solid appearance. As, it used 2.0 mm² conductors and new levels of shielding. Also, fitted with the US cryogenically treated plug (remember the new owner), an adaptor had to convert from US to the EU configuration. Audiophile Power Cable testing


Please remember, I am doing the Audiophile Power Cable testing with a new power cable. And to hear how good this new model is. I am not doing a cable caparison, and I am just reporting what we heard. 

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Author: Paul A. Goodwin (Perkune audiophile cables)

Dated: 22/06/2021

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