Audiophile Bi-wire conversion

Biwired conversion cable
24 centimetre bi-wired conversion cable

Do you understand what is meant by Bi-wiring? And what does Bi-wiring actually does? Because Bi-wiring is the best way to connect your loudspeakers. Unfortunately, many people own loudspeakers (which are capable of accepting a Bi-wire cable) but sadly the loudspeakers are ignored. And, left with metal bridging plates installed. 
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Great new Audiophile interconnect

Great new interconnect

Great new Audiophile interconnect. We have been working on this, for the past few months. Designed to bring more information from the music to the listener. The Interconnect is available either RCA or XLR connections. I expect the first thing you will ask is why it is 1.3 meters in length as this is a figure that has never been used before. Continue reading Great new Audiophile interconnect

How do you get value?

How you get the bestHow do you get value? We are always looking to change things, because this is the way or the world. But, we must always remember, everything has its value. When we are looking for something different and exciting, we have to ask ourselves what it the value of the item. And, more importantly, what is it worth, for you to own that item.

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Audiophile cable love

Audiophile cable love - AirDream Copper cable with spadesAudiophile cable love. The picture above is an audiophile four-meter loudspeaker cables. This is the very latest cable that has been produced and actually has emerged because of a customer request.

Cable love

The cable has been packed and is ready to be sealed and shipped but if you could realise the love and attention to detail that has been shown when packing then you could understand how much love has been put into making this cable. Love is wonderful and really has so much power in what we do. Continue reading Audiophile cable love

Bass improved in Tannoy Ed’s

Bass improved in Tannoy Ed's - audio system Power cords

Bass is always a problem in the audiophile world and it is very hard to get the correct amount of Bass and the way that you want it to sound. There is either too little Bass of either too much Bass. And it really can be a huge problem for the Audiophile to get it just right. I am writing because I had an email from a contact of mine in the Tannoy group. And,  was asking some questions. And, so thought it could be good information for other Tannoy followers. Continue reading Bass improved in Tannoy Ed’s

Guitar players Improve sound

playing in Norwich UK

This is me, in 1970 playing with my group which was called “Staircase” why this name you ask? Because, we were on the way up – or so we thought at the time! I have been playing the guitar and working with music since the seventies. And, now have something positive that I wish to share with you. How Guitar players Improve sound. Continue reading Guitar players Improve sound

Audiophile terms and expressions

Audiophile terms and expressions
Audiophile terms and expressions. Some of the best words used are in fact very self-descriptive. When explained, it becomes very easy to see how a certain word really describes the sound and the feeling in the music. It takes the time to learn but once learned it is a very big help in understanding the realism in the sound of the piece of music being played.

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Two better than one?

Two better than one?Two better than one?. A Two-meter Interconnect cable is longer than a one-meter Interconnect cable. And, would it be fair to say, a two-meter Interconnect cable would sound better? So is it one or two. This is the Two-meter interconnect cable that we have just finished testing. And, will be introduced to the Perkune range of cables very soon. Continue reading Two better than one?

Recording studio cables

Recording studio cables -Ultimate studio cableRecording studio cables. Just before Christmas, I received a pair of cables for my Recording studio and now I have decided to write a review. I noticed people buying them for hi-end home audiophile systems. I wanted mine for Recording studio monitoring which does quite the opposite. And to be frank, I was not sure if these cables were going to do the job!  Continue reading Recording studio cables

Perkune in 2015

Perkune audiophile cables are the best value
Perkune audiophile cables are the best value!

Perkune in 2015. The name Perkune audiophile cables were chosen because I am in Lithuania. Lithuania has a mystical god, called Perkunas. And, was the god of thunder. In the Russian translation perkunas was the god of sound. Who better than to name my cables after because Perkune audiophile cables are the best value!

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The Power of a cord

tannoy system in ukAbout three months had passed since my last visit and I was back in London to visit my friend. This time I had with me three new Power cords. I had made these up in Lithuania as I had started to make and carry out sound tests on these power cords with some of my friends, who lived in Lithuania.

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Sound of music better

The sound of the musicSound of music better. I want to share with you a true story that happened to me whilst I was in England. And. I did not realise at that time just what a difference a sound could make to my life. It started but I guess we could call it a quirk of fate and as they say, some things are just meant to be. I had absolutely no idea that from a simple meeting, which was the result of an eBay transaction that I would be MD of Perkune audiophile cables just over a year later!
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Open baffle is really great

"Open Baffle"Open Baffle is really great. And, becoming more popular in recent years. Always, a good topic for  discussion between audiophiles I have noticed that recently Open Baffle seems to be rearing its head and people are taking notice.  I decided to build an Open Baffle system for myself so  I could  find out what I could hear and if I liked what I heard.

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