Reference Bi-wire speaker cables

Reference Bi-wire speaker cablesAre reference Bi-wire speaker cables a good investment for a two-channel audio system even if the other components in the signal path are less than the reference level? To find out, I reached out to professional sound engineer Paul Goodwin of Perkune audiophile cables in Lithuania. Paul, a former live-sound man, has a lifetime of experience in accurately reproducing the technical accuracy of sound. In fact, he was already working on perfect sound reproduction back when a young fellow named Jimi was still playing a Stratocaster on stage in the ’60s. Continue reading Reference Bi-wire speaker cables

Naim audio Supernait 3 Testing

Naim audio Supernait-3 TestingThe Naim audio Supernait 3 is the latest creation from Naim audio. And, I had an opportunity to listen in great detail whilst visiting my friend’s showroom.  

The showroom is ‘Garso Namai’, located Kauno g 31, Vilnius, Lithuania, and owned by Lucas Svedas. I have visited Lucas on several occasions and always enjoyed his company as he has excellent experience working with new components. Continue reading Naim audio Supernait 3 Testing

How to improve your sounds

Speaker set upHow to improve your sounds, or rather I should say your system sound. An audio system can look great, especially when placed in a correctly treated listening room. Because of the care taken to make it look so good, one would simply assume that it certainly would sound the best that it could. But, this is where so many people fall. And I want to share with you this story. Continue reading How to improve your sounds

Audiophile ‘Separate’ speaker cables

Audiophile 'Seprate' speaker cables - Anti-static padsI am introducing the Audiophile ‘Separate’ speaker cables. And, is the result of listening and testing a variety of loudspeaker cables over the past four years. The Reference ‘Separate’ is where two separate lengths of cable feed each speaker—one for the positive and one for the negative connection. And, configured for single-wire or Bi-wire connections.

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The Reference ‘Separate’

Reference separatesThe Reference ‘Separate’ is a three-meter cable and configured for Bi-wire or single wire operation. The connections are Rhodium-plated and very easy to work. The difference about this cable is that I am using one cable for the positive side and one cable for the negative side of the loudspeaker. And, because of the increase in performance heard, I decided to take the Reference Separate to three audiophile friends to get their opinions. Continue reading The Reference ‘Separate’

Supreme special speaker cable review

The Supreme special speaker cable padsPaul Goodwin from Vilnius in Lithuania sent me his latest speaker cables for testing. Paul Goodwin is the designer and owner of the Perkune Audiophile Cables manufacture, and the wires that came to me are the Supreme Special model, which is currently the highest.
I don’t think I need here for Stereo and Kolorowo, once again, write that for a good few years, Paul Goodwin has been sending me his new designs for listening. And any approval.

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Audio cable direction

Audio cable direction - AirDream S HDMI cable onlineThere is a right way and a wrong way to install an audio cable. It can be an HDMI cable, a Loudspeaker cable, an Interconnect cable or any audio cable you are using in your sound system. And, the Audio cable direction, is chosen when the audio cables used the first time. Many people who say it makes no difference at all in cable direction. But, we are all entitled to our own opinion. Continue reading Audio cable direction

Audiophile latest Information

Audiophiles - Welcome to 2020 - Best audiophile cables on line Latest information. I am working very closely with a German company, and this is the reason why I can offer a much higher level of audiophile cables. The Supreme range has taken many months of testing to develop, but I am now able to provide the first of the products. And, I intend to have the full range of Supreme audiophile cables by May this year. And, I mean it when I say – Audiophiles – Welcome to 2020!

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The AirDream HDMI cable

The AirDream HDMI cable 1.5 meterI am pleased to introduce The AirDream HDMI cable. And, indeed, a big step above the Ultimate HDMI cable introduced at the beginning of 2019. The AirDream HDMI cable provides transmission of Ultra-sharp images in 4K resolution, perfect 3D models and full HD audio quality. Tripple shielding, plus Aluminium foil and Teflon insulation eliminate external interference. Integrated channel for transmitting network data. Return of the audio signal without the need for an additional audio cable, allowing top-quality audio performance. The AirDream HDMI cable Continue reading The AirDream HDMI cable

Tri-wired adapter cables

Tri-wired loudspeaker configurationTri-wired adapter cables – Many Audiophiles own loudspeakers having three pairs of loudspeaker terminals. One pair for the Bass frequencies. The second pair for the middle frequencies. And the third pair for the upper frequencies. However, with this type of configuration, three sets of loudspeaker cable are required to achieve optimum performance. Unfortunately, the cost can be very high if three sets of audio cables used. Continue reading Tri-wired adapter cables

Audiophile Christmas Special

Audiophile Christmas specialI would like to wish you Happy Audiophile Christmas, and my present is as follows – 30% discount, and Starting  Christmas Eve and finishing on New Year’s Eve. Simply put 2018 in the box when you check out from the Audiophile Christmas Special.

Also – I have decided to add a review. The testing started at the end of October and finished a few days ago. And, timing is perfect and makes a great read!

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Audiophile bass Tannoy Edinburgh

Audiophile bass Tannoy Edinburgh audio systemAudiophile bass Tannoy Edinburgh. Bass is always a problem in the audiophile world. And this is why I have written this Audiophile bass Tannoy Edinburgh article. A true story, and all part of the learning curve. Know from experience how hard getting the correct amount of bass.  And, the excellent sound from the Tannoy Edinburgh. There is either too little bass or not quite enough bass. And a problem to get it just right. Continue reading Audiophile bass Tannoy Edinburgh

Audiophile cable interconnects review

Audiophile cable interconnects reviewAudiophile cable interconnects review. For the third time, I have been describing the audio cables of the Lithuanian manufacture Perkune Audiophile Cables, run by Mr Paul Goodwin. First, the interconnects, a line of “Pro” series. And second, the speaker cables with a length of three-meters. It is not a coincidence that I am informing about the size of the loudspeaker cables, that these are just three-meters. Continue reading Audiophile cable interconnects review

Audiophile loudspeaker cable review

audiophile loudspeaker cable reviewAudiophile loudspeaker cable review. In September this year, I received a package from Vilnius, Lithuania directly from Perkune Audiophile Cables – Mr Paul Goodwin. I am writing this Audiophile loudspeaker cable review. I will mention that I have tested and described Pauls cables, and a few of them used in my Hi-fi audio system. Why? Because they sound great, they deliver a beautiful sound with a lot of tonal advancement.
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Tannoy red loudspeakers are Great

Tannoy red loudspeakersTannoy red loudspeakers are Great. It all started with a phone call. And I was asked if I would like to visit a friend who had something special. My friend told me that I would be able to hear a pair of Tannoy red loudspeakers in Lockwood cabinets.

The power-amps and preamp were hand made, but I just had to close my eyes and listen. What could I say to that? Apart from, a big fat yes,

. Continue reading Tannoy red loudspeakers are Great

Great tricks tips for audio

Great tips and tricksGreat tricks tips for audio are always welcome. And can make a massive difference to the sound heard at loudspeakers!

The Direction of flow is the very first thing you check. And, it applies to every Interconnect and loudspeaker cable because there is a right way and a wrong way. But, some people say it does not make any difference in the direction. And, I just want to tell you to have to try for yourself, OK?

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Interconnect review

Fantastic cableInterconnect review Ludwig Hegel “For many audiophiles; this may be on the end of the search for the optimal sound” This was the end quote by Ludwig Hegel. Paul Goodwin emphasises that the cables represent such a high level of technical sophistication to the sound, a more expensive line is not needed. In other words, the wires produced by Perkune can optimally bring, show and highlight tones, with even the most costly hi-fi, for they are selected and built, it will fit perfectly and complement almost any sound. Continue reading Interconnect review

Bass improved in Tannoy Ed’s

Bass improved in Tannoy Ed's - audio system Power cordsBass is always a problem in the audiophile world, and it is tough to get the correct amount of Bass and the way that you want it to sound. There is either too little Bass of either too much Bass. And it really can be a massive problem for the Audiophile to get it just right. I am writing because I had an email from a contact of mine in the Tannoy group. And,  was asking some questions. And, so thought it could be useful information for other Tannoy followers. Bass improved in Tannoy Ed’s Continue reading Bass improved in Tannoy Ed’s

The Maserati was dead!

MaseratiI had been driving Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, E-type Jaguar, And, also had many other sports cars that were available. But, had never owned a Maserati. I was driving past one of my friend’s garages, and I saw the Maserati sitting in the showroom. And, so I pulled in to have a look. And, so I have written The Maserati was dead, blog so that, you will see the problems!  Continue reading The Maserati was dead!

Custom made cables

CustomCustom made cables. And, is one of the two-three and a half meter USB Custom made cables which were ordered by a customer in Norway. And, will use it in his audio system. One of the components used in his system is the Ayre QB9 DAC.

The Ayre Q9 is regarded by many audiophiles to be the very best DAC that has ever been produced by Ayre. I have personally heard this beautiful DAC in operation, and I am very impressed! Continue reading Custom made cables

Recording studio cables

Recording studio cables -Ultimate studio cableRecording studio cables. Just before Christmas, I received a pair of audio cables for my Recording studio, and now I have decided to write a review. I noticed people buying them for hi-end home audiophile systems. I wanted mine for Recording studio monitoring, which does quite the opposite. And to be frank, I was not sure if these cables were going to do the job!  Continue reading Recording studio cables

Sound of music better

The sound of the musicSound of music better is the title, and I want to share with you a true story that happened to me while I was in England. And. I did not realise at that time just what a difference a sound could make to my life. It started, but I guess we could call it a quirk of fate, and as they say, some things meant to be. I had no idea that from a simple meeting, which was the result of an eBay transaction, I would be MD of Perkune audiophile cables just over a year later!
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Do you like high quality vintage audio

Do you like high quality vintage audioDo you like high-quality vintage audio? I know that I certainly do. And, I think the sound produced from vintage audio equipment is simply the best. Good quality audio equipment that has been used and is second hand is often tough to find. Because you never know the history. And, therefore, why is it for sale.

But, where to start and how much to spend. I think that you must take your time and do research first! Continue reading Do you like high quality vintage audio

Vinyl sounds beautiful

Vinyl sounds beautifulTo hear the Vinyl sounds’ coming to you from the other room makes your heart race. The smell from a Vinyl, as you remove it from its sleeve makes you sigh because Vinyl sounds beautiful.

The feel of the vinyl, as you place it on the turntable is something that not easily forgotten. One of my friends just returned from America and invited me to his house to listen to his system. Now, with the addition of a new tube amplifier. He wanted me to hear how his Vinyl sounds – or so I thought! Continue reading Vinyl sounds beautiful

Question what to look for

Question what to look forQuestion what to look for, and Just precisely, what do you want, when are you choosing a different system? And, who do you ask?  I hope my ‘Question what to look for?’ will help you choose wisely. Because we certainly have different requirements and also another hearing. And, our hearing is one of the biggest problems we face when involved with audio.

I have spent hours talking to people about what to look for when buying an audio system. And, so I thought it could be a good idea to share my knowledge and ideas with you.

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Burn-in for audio cables

Burn-in for audio cablesBurn-in for audio cables, is it fact or fiction?  And, I would like to state there is also a burn-in or break-in period for anything having electrical components. It is to do with the actual cable you use as when new has no directionality. And, by running a current through it for a few days gives it a direction and straightens out all the obstructions. But, as with everything on this earth, you have to try for your self. And, you will hear the difference after only a few days, because ‘Burn-in’ is essential,  and certainly not fiction! Continue reading Burn-in for audio cables