Audiophile USB 3.0 Gold

The Ultimate Audiophile USB 3.0 Gold superspeed, offers a superior level of performance to your musical presentation. To reduce noise, and protect the USB signal path from external interference, a layer of silver foil is used. Three level ‘AirGap’ (Tip to Tip) isolation is also employed to reduce  external noise – read more

The Audiophile USB 3.0 Gold is guaranteed to take your audio system to the next level. You will be aware of superb sound staging, wide dynamic range, and precise timing. Transparency, musicality, and bass are also improved.  New energy, speed, and clarity become apparent. The three-meter Audiophile USB 3.0 Gold has been carefully designed to increase signal speed and bandwidth bringing you the ultimate listening experience.  

Audiophile USB cable

As with all Perkune cables, the Audiophile USB 3.0 Gold is handmade, ensuring a high level of production quality. And the extreme precision necessary to manufacture the Audiophile USB 3.0 Gold. The cable is supplied in a three meter length but can be configured to your requirments.

The Ultimate Audiophile USB 3.0 Gold is terminated with superspeed type A and Superspeed type B connectors. This ensures optimum signal transfer.

Audiophile USB 3.0 Gold specification ~

Cable Jitter ~

Good quality cables are esential to achieve optimim performance by overcoming Jitters and timing errors. When looking for components to give the best soundIng audio signal transmission, there is something called jitter which many audiophiles are unaware of.

Imagine a pond of water and you drop a stone into the middle. Ripples are produced. These ripples have the same sffect as jitter and are not supposed to exist. Jitter is simply timing errors. One of the causes of these errors can be an inferior cable. Cables must be correctly made and free of impurities.

Cable difference ~

An audio system can only as good as it”s weakest link and because of this, there are contineous discussions about cables. This is a topic that will never end because some people do hear differences. Other people are unable to hear any difference at all, due to, hearing problrms and personal sensitivity. 

Cable performance ~

Most importantly, there is a saying  “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. I am not saying that we are going to eat cables, far from it, but the saying is so relevant to Perkune audiophile cable. As a result, the cables I produce, have a very high level of performance. And sound as good as cables costing five times the price. Because of this saying,  many customers will testify!

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