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Reference headphone cableThe Reference audiophile headphone cables. And, designed for a customer who uses the Focal range of headphones. And, I am very pleased to add the Reference headphone cable to the range of audiophile cables. The human hearing is very important but sensitive and can easily be damaged. And, it is essential to have a cable that is designed with this in mind. The Reference headphone cables goes a step further than the majority of headphone cables available in the market place today. And, has an additional external shielding supplied. The shielding covers both of the separated audio supply cables.

The Reference headphone

The Reference audiophile headphone cables, designed for the ultimate listening experience, will put the majority of headphone cables in the shadows. And, the reason for this is the unique outer isolation shielding. The shielding is ‘Thermaflex’, and helps remove vibration and interference from disturbing the musical performance. The two cables used are completely separate, and one feeds the right channel, and the other feeds the left channel on the headphones.

Headphone cables

The left-hand headphone cable is fed from the Left-hand channel out on the amplifier. And, the right-hand headphone cable is fed from the right-hand channel out on the amplifier. There are ten cms of cable, free and then they are covered by the Thermaflex tube. The Thermax tube is flexible, virtually weightless and does not cause problems with moveability. The set of headphone cables in the picture are four meters in length with ten-centimetre tails at one end and 1.0-meter tails at the other end. But, the Reference headphone cable can be made to your personal requirements.

Ayre QX-5

AyreQX5 headphone cableWhat do you need? And, In today’s digitally-connected world, you need more than just a DAC or a streamer. You need a device that can effortlessly render your highest resolution files and, without missing a beat, play your favourite music streaming services or BBC broadcast. Featuring the new ESS ES9038PRO DAC chip and a new jointly-developed doubly-rotated Morion quartz crystal-based oscillator, The QX-5 Twenty elevates digital performance to an astonishing level. Linking all of your digital media together with every conceivable digital input and the most popular music streaming services, the QX-5 Twenty streaming DAC provides unlimited flexibility and convenience at the highest level. And, a perfect match to Focal clear headphones.


Hello Paul, I am using the Focal ‘Clear’ headphones, and from the first track I put on, the music has never sounded so good from my headphones! The Richness in sound quality is just phenomenal! The emotional tone you are now able to hear sets your mind deep into to soundscape of your music. And lets you want to stay there! The vocal is highly detailed and more realistic with bass so rich and deep. Also, the music is so good; you can distinguish separate instruments and sound effects in the soundstage. No matter what you are listening too.

And, because of this, the rhythms are more pronounced helping to build the structure within the music! I didn’t know what to expect, but this is a whole new level of listening through headphones! It’s like I’m inside the music, and I want to stay; thank you, Paul, for once again bringing such a groundbreaking performance to the audiophile world with your cables! Perkune Audiophile cables are the best! And thank you so much – Eirik Rouppert, Bergan, Norway.

  • Cable length: 4 meters
  • Full Braided shielding
  • Low-loss PE insulation
  • Silver-plated conductors
  • 24K gold-plated contacts
  • High-purity OFC copper.
  • Primary and Secondary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP
  • Aluminium Foil sheathing
  • AirTube with ‘Teflon’ binding x 2
  • Cable shielding: 2 x CanuFlex PE-HB
  • Outer sheath: Thermaflex
  • Anti-static pads (ATS) fitted (4 per cable)

The 3.0 meter Reference headphone cable 497 Euros

The 4.0 meter Reference headphone cable 597 Euros


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