Cat 7 Ethernet cable

Cat7 Ethernet cable supremeThe CAT 7 Ethernet cable is a LAN cable for high-end network connections. And, because of high production quality, it well surpasses the specifications required. The audio cable reaches bandwidths of over 1200 MHz. And, supports high-speed networks with 10 Gbps (10 Gigabits per second). The Cat7 Ethernet cable specially conceived for low-loss HD audio and HD video streaming. 


The Cat7 Ethernet cable is a high-speed and performance-orientated cable. Allowing Hi-Fi enthusiasts to integrate Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and music streaming into their Hi-Fi systems. Cat 7 Ethernet cable


Cat7 Ethernet cable supremeThe Cat7 Ethernet cable is fitted with a PE-Network Jacket which, prevents disturbing micro-vibrations, noise and protect the signal path from any external interference. And, for extra protection, a second layer, comprising, a foil jacket and silver braided shielding are added. Which,  reduces internal microphonics and high-frequency impedance resonance. The fully shielded cable construction virtually eliminates cross-talk and electromagnetic interference (EMI) that has always afflicted previous network cables. 

The Cat 7 Ethernet cable is a giant step into how data is transmitted, and the performance is beyond many other cables in the industry. And, if you wish to read more information regarding  Cat7. Please follow the link.

  • Four twisted-pair data lines
  • Foamed PE lead insulation
  • Data pairs equipped with separate foil shielding
  • Common braided shield
  • PE-Network Jacket
  • Cable diameter: 13 mm
  • Metal plugs
  • Specification: Surpasses Cat 7FA 
  • OFC high purity 
  • Gold plated pins
  • Connections Type: RJ-45 (8P8C)
  • Operating temperature from – 20 deg. C
  • Insulation: Compact PTFE/Teflon
  • Secondary sheath (AirGap): DERAY-PBFSP
  • Secondary Insulation: Aluminium foil shielding
  • Outer sheath: Canflux

1.5 Meter Ethernet 997 Euros

3.0 Meter Ethernet 1397 Euros

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