Matrix black digital

Matrix Black Digital cableThe Matrix black digital cable, introduced Sept 2022. And created in the same fashion as other cables in the Matrix black series. Also, incorporates the ‘AirGap’ isolation, external antistatic isolation material and PTFE shielding. And to inhibit micro-vibration and external interference. The matrix black digital cable makes a big impact on sound heard at the loudspeakers. And you will sit up straight away when you hear the difference this cable makes. Also, the addition of Rhodium-plated and Carbon fibre professional connections allow the perfect signal transmission. And aids to the increased performance of this cable.

The Matrix black digital

The Performance of the Matrix black digital Cable has raised the bar yet again. And Allows you to hear and feel the music with new levels of enthusiasm. Also, the image positioning and focus are razor-sharp and spot-on. And as a result, it will allow greater transparency and give a really full 3D effect. Also the bass is greatly improved, and has a feeling of a much larger sound stage. Also, having more excitement in the musical presentation is a further step ahead.

And If you are a movie lover or a deep bass lover, the Matrix black digital cable is the perfect choice. Also, the Matrix Black digital cable has a really great flexibility. And easy to manoeuvre through this ‘tight’ spaces. Also you will be surprised as to the width and depth of the soundstage. And you will never need to change this cable.


  • The Cable size: 11.0 mm
  • Conductors: 2 x Twisted pairs 
  • The conductor: 16 AWG 0.99997 OFC 
  • Connections: Solid screw plugs, Rhodium/Carbon fibre
  • Connecter: RCA/BNC
  • Resistance: 0.004 Ohm/meter
  • Impedance: 75.0 Ohms
  • Shielding: Aluminium foil
  • Insulation: PVC/PTFE
  • Low-loss PE with PVC Jacket
  • Subwoofer compatible
Pricing – Buy now

1 Meter – RCA connection 397 Euros

2 Meter – RCA connection 447 Euros

3 Meter – RCA connection 497 Euros


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