The Range in 2022

The Range in 2022 / best audiophile cables onlineI am pleased to announce the Range in 2022. And  delighted to be entering my sixth year. Also, many days spent travelling and visiting people with different audio systems for listening and evaluation purposes. And for your convenience, the Range in 2022 is divided into sections. Each category has a subcategory to make it easier for your navigation. Also, content is updated when I develop new cables. And a new cable is aways very exciting to test and hear customer feedback. Because the customer satisfaction is the top priority! The range in 2022

The Range 

The Range in 2022June 2022, was a great month for me. Because I was able to introduce the Matrix black Power cable, Interconnect cable, loudspeaker cable and Network cable. And I am proud to offer this great series of cables to you. Because the performance is astounding and you will Never want anything else! It is necessary to realise, the best is not the cable that gets the most out of a system. But, the audio cable losing the least of the original signal. The range in 2022

The customer

The customer is very important and I love to read letter, answer question, and read the results he has achieved. And I received this yesterday (Sept 5 2022) from a customer in Norway who has been with me since day one in 2015 and I am happy to share.

Audiophile cables resultsHi Paul, and Just finished hooking up my Matrix black loudspeaker cables. And I can hear a difference straight away. The look and feel of them is just the best I have ever experienced. Also so light and easy to work with. But now have to go to work so will let them settle in for some hours before critical listening and let you know my results. As with all your cables after a few hours they always open up and surprise me just how good they are! I Have my hifi system run almost around the clock.

So hope today or tomorrow, I’ll get back to some serious listening. After three days, the Matrix Speaker cables bring more body and weight to the music, and encourages you to turn up the volume!, so you can get  this warm and all-enveloping sound closer to you.

Further more, these cables are capable of more tonal extension, in case, It opens up the Soundstage to sound beyond the speakers both in width and depth. Allowing great separation of components, with fluidity of rhythm and bass that is just SO spot on! And you know it when you can’t stop toe-tapping to the music. Again, I’m just blow away! The sheer massive musical impression one gets with these cables is simply the best I ever heard. And anther trait of the cables is the authenticity of hearing instrumental music. 

The deep level of details is not just awesome, but the flow of it all makes it down right enthralling listening too. And what fun to experience all this with your favourite music!
 It’s like it opens a whole new world! Vocals sing to you with new authority and confidence!! This is how hi-fidelity music should  sound like! Micro details where you didn’t expect to hear them, surly brings the experience up to a other level. And absolutely the most fun and exciting listening experience I can ever recall having. To be able to make my sound-system come alive like this, is unquestionably the talent of you, Paul and your Perkune cables. Can’t thank you enough! Best from Eirik , Bergan, Norway 
Another good customer

I received this yesterday (5/07/2022) from a customer in Canada who have been with me for About 18 months. And I think it certainly shows the matrix black is a great power cable and maybe the best cable added to The range in 2022!

Matrix Black power cableI received the Matrix Black Power cable two weeks ago. It has been burning in continuously on my system and showing constant improvement. And I am very impressed in construction and sound qualities. Also the cable is an absolute pleasure to work with, due to its flexibility. The music portrays a natural transparency & richness that fills the listening area. The timbral accuracy and placement of instruments is uncanny and there is no fatigue to the sound. I have had experience with various Perkune power cables for the past one and a half years. And to my ears this is Paul’s best sounding power cable to date. The price is very reasonable for the level of performance offered. And Highly recommended. Wayne BC Canada

I received this from Wayne just over a year ago and show how the system was and what Wayne was using, and just how important it is to keep in contact with your customer.

Audio cables under testHi Paul, and let me start by saying that my stereo system has never sounded better. My initial investment in the Matrix-S power cords was my first step. And a significant leap forward in sound fidelity. It would help if you gave your head a shake for those who thought power cords don’t make any difference because they don’t carry a musical signal. Trust your ears. The Matrix-S power cords made a massive difference in the music’s sound stage, detail, and depth. And If you are using stock power cords that came with your equipment you just have to try these amazing audio cables. Wayne, BC Canada. 


All audio cables act as antennae and attract external interference. One example is from your smartphones. And, these phenomena occur when transmitting signals—crackling from loudspeakers when a smartphone is searching for a network. And is one of the most annoying. Loss of midrange is another annoying occurrence. The range in 2022

The most significant step forward has been developing and introducing the ‘AirGap’ isolation and ‘AirTube’ suspension systems. These two items help reduce vibrations, reflections and unwanted noises caused by electrical interference. Air is the best isolation material and the use of air in the cables and connections made tremendous improvements in all areas. The dynamics, transparency and details significantly improve. And  result is a huge impact heard at the loudspeakers. The range in 2022


The range in 2021 -The best audiophile cablesI am able to test my new audio cables with excellent audio equipment. And for me, this is the best way to hear precisely how my cables perform. The duration of testing lasts approximately four hours. And this is enough time to listen to and feel for the positive improvements and any negative points. In addition, I add a certificate of authenticity with each cable. The certificate being numbered, dated and signed.

Obsession? The range in 2022

I love what I do, and to say I have an obsession would be an understatement. So, over the years, I have continued working to improve my cables. I have performed tests on a wide selection of audio cables produced by leading cable companies. And performed side by side tests and carried out cable comparisons. And, as a result, I know how an audio cable should sound and how an audio cable should perform. I know how to make your audio system sound better in every area possible! The range in 2022

Testimonial The range in 2022

Guitar amp testingMy first experience with Perkune was the purchase of a two meter Guitar power cable. And I must say how impressed I am with this wonderful sounding cable. In so much I decided to try the Amplifier cable. And once again, I was amazed at what the amplifier cable does. My electrical guy worked on one of my old Gibson amps and removed the old power cord. And then, he was able to fix the new power cable onto the amp. And when I turned on the amp, I noticed how quiet it was, and non of the humming noise it had before. I plugged in my old Gretch flat body and started to play. Bloody hell, was that me making the sound because it was so alive and open. Everything was cleaned clear, and the sustain just went on and on – Scott, Florida, USA 


I am very proud of what I have been able to achieve over the past six years. And I know that once to hear my cables you will also be very proud to show colleagues your cables. Also It takes time and patience to listen to customers demands and to fill their needs. But I have the time and the patience and I love what I do. The range in 2022

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