The Range in 2021

The range in 2021 I Best Audiophile Cables OnlineThe range in 2021 is not the ones that get most out of a system. But, the one that loses the least of the original signal. The Best Audiophile Cables Online, act as antennae and attract external interference signals, for example, from smartphones. These physical phenomena that occur when transmitting signals, instance, crackling from loudspeakers when a smartphone is searching for a network can only minimise with technical finesse and finest materials.

The Range 

I am pleased to announce the Range in 2021 that Perkune audiophile cables can offer. And, delighted to be entering the firth year. Also, many days spent travelling and visiting people with different audio systems for listening and evaluation purposes. Also, for your convenience, the Range in 2021 is divided into nine sections. And, each category has a subcategory to make it easier for your navigation. The Range is being added to as I develop new cables and will change as time passes. 

  • Reference
  • Supreme
  • AirDream
  • Extreme
  • Ultimate
  • Standard
  • Digital
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • HDMI
  • Bi-wire /Triwire
  • Headphone
  • Turntable
  • Guitar

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Please find below some of the terms used for The Range in 2021 ~

BANDWIDTH The Range in 2020

Bandwidth is the frequency scope of transmission. The bandwidth of a typical audio signal ranges from 20Hz to 20 kHz. A narrower bandwidth transmits fewer frequencies. A telephone typically transmits around 300 Hz to 3 kHz, and a larger one will carry more. DVB-S (satellite) systems currently use bandwidths of more than 2 GHz


The wave resistance, or impedance, is a crucial prominent figure for cables, calculated from the ratio of inductivity to capacity. Best Audiophile Cables Online  

CAPACITANCE The Range in 2020

Capacitance is the measure of the capacity to store electrical charges. However, cables should be able to transmit 100% of the signal without temporarily storing it. The less capacitance a wire has, the better.

INDUCTIVITY The Range in 2020

Each conductor passing information forms a magnetic field around it. If the flow of current changes, the strength of the magnetic field also changes. And, results in an inductive current which counteracts the replacement of current in the conductor. A frequency-dependent resistance develops (also called inductive resistance) which harms the transmission. Exclusive designs reduce the inductivity of a cable. 


The conductors are covered in a non-conductive material to protect against short circuits, corrosion and damage. However, because these materials store energy (capacitance), which is undesirable in audio and video cables. Best Audiophile Cables Online

JITTER The Range in 2020

When serially transmitting A/V data, cable properties affect these impulse durations so that data is not received correctly. In the case of pronounced jitters, the D/A converter has to correct the error frequently, and consequently, the quality of playback for pictures and sound suffers. The range in 2021 

DAMPING The Range in 2020

The weakening of a signal transferred in a cable is called damping and specified in dB (decibels). I.e. it is a measure of signal loss. The damping of an audio cable depends on the frequency. This specification is essential for planning antenna cables for antenna systems. It should not be confused with the shielding dimension and specified in dB.


The data rate specifies how many data units (bits) are transferring per second. The maximum data rate with an HDMI 2.0 interface is up to 18 Gbps. That is 18 billion bits or 2.25 billion characters per second (8 bits = 1 byte). The range in 2021

POLYETHENE (PE) The range in 2020

PE is a high-quality insulating material (dielectric) which is ideal as an insulator. It reduces the capacitance of a cable by a factor of two compared with PVC (polyvinylchloride). The electrical loss of PE is also low. Best Audiophile Cables Online


To protect against electromagnetic interference cables are shielded with one or more layers (e.g. a wire braid or aluminium coated Mylar film). The impact of the screening is measured in dB and describes the reduction of any interference. Best Audiophile Cables Online


High frequencies are mainly transmitting on the surface of the conductor (skin effect). As silver is the best conductor, the high rates are transmitted better via silver-plated conductors. On audio and speaker cables silver-plated cables boost the high-frequency range. On HDMI connections the silver-plated conductors also ensure optimum signal transfer even on long audio lines. The range in 2021


The 24-carat gold-plated plug contacts considerably reduce contact resistance and transfer signals optimally. The quality of the connection shows in the contact resistance. Poor connections have high contact resistance and cause signal losses. Special surface treatment such as gold-plating contact surfaces considerably reduce resistance, improve the links and therefore, the sound and picture quality. Best Audiophile Cables Online


On standard cables, the many fine wires are bundled, meaning the electrons can “jump “from one wire to another. The signals travel for different lengths of time, and fast impulses are “braked”. Solid conductors prevent this by providing the same transit times and precise, sharp contours. Solid conductors also offer another benefit for digital and video quality: The smooth surface allows the impedance to be precisely adjusted and high signal frequencies transmitted correctly. The range in 2021


Loudspeaker cables with the wires arranged in the same direction tend to get twisted. And, makes laying the cable and installation difficult. Lines with S/Z stranding have wires with opposite stranding to avoid this effect. Best Audiophile Cables Online


As the HDMI interface sound and picture content is available in absolutely perfect resolution, the film and software industry have instructed that data is released only as copy-proof. 


With symmetrically designed cables, two identical wires are used for the initial and return conductors. And, counteracts the level of electromagnetic interference and provides exceptionally high immunity to interference. Also, separate shielding protects the signal.

please note ~

The above information collected and available to read in greater detail on Wikipedia

Improvements the range in 2021

When it comes to operations, the most significant step forward has been the development and introduction of the ‘AirGap’ isolation and ‘AirTube’ suspension. These two items help reduce vibrations, reflections and unwanted noises caused by electrical interference. Making a significant impact on the sound heard at the loudspeakers. The range in 2021

Noise is an enemy to audio. And, the natural step was the introduction of Aluminum foil sheathing and Vinyl tape insulation. Aluminium foils provide better sound insulation and help to eliminate unwanted noise sources. The Aluminum foils ability to absorb sound allows unwanted noise to be picked up directly at the head and prevents further propagation. Aluminium foil offers 85% useful as a noise insulator. Best Audiophile Cables Online

Next Generation 

The next generation XLR connections used, are made in Japan/Germany and offer anti-vibration and anti-reflection properties. Plugs are 24k gold plated male/female pins, or Rhodium plated Pins, and the technology of construction used minimises static and external interference. A Balanced interconnect is known for having superior signal transmission and is always the preferred method. The range in 2021

The power plugs and IEC connections made from unique materials have anti-static and anti-vibration properties. When used correctly bring out more solidarity and depth to the musical presentation. The sound-stage is improved, and the music shows speed and excitement!


To say I have an obsession would be an understatement. Over the years, I have tested hundreds of cables produced by leading cable companies. Also, I have performed ‘side by side’, test and carried out cable comparisons. I know how a suitable cable should sound and how a suitable cable should sound. And I know how to make your audio system sound better!

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