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Many days spent travelling and visiting people with different audio systems for listening and evaluation purposes. And the Range in 2023 is divided into sections. Also, content is updated when introducing new cables, as new cables are exciting to test and hear customer feedback!

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Customer Feedback

The Range in 2023 Matrix loudspeaker cableThe customer is very important and I love to read a letter, answer question, and read the results achieved. And I received this yesterday (Sept 5 2022) from a customer in Norway who has been with me since day one in 2015 and happy to share this to the range in 2023.

Hi Paul, and Just finished hooking up my Matrix black loudspeaker cables. And I can hear a difference straight away. The look and feel of them is just the best I have ever experienced. Also so light and easy to work with. But now have to go to work so will let them settle in for some hours before critical listening and let you know my results. As with all your cables after a few hours they always open up and surprise me just how good they are!

I Have my hifi system run almost around the clock. So, tomorrow, I’ll get back to some serious listening. And After three days, the Matrix Speaker cables bring more body and weight to the music, and encourages you to turn up the volume!, so you can get this warm and all-enveloping sound closer to you. Further more, these cables are capable of more tonal extension, in case, It opens up the Soundstage to sound beyond the speakers both in width and depth. Allowing great separation of components, with fluidity of rhythm and bass that is just SO spot on! And you know it when you can’t stop toe-tapping to the music. Again, I’m just blow away! The sheer massive musical impression one gets with these cables is simply the best I ever heard. And anther trait of the cables is the authenticity of hearing instrumental music. 

The deep level of details is not just awesome, but the flow of it all makes it down right enthralling listening. And what fun to experience all this with your favourite music!
 It’s like it opens a whole new world! Vocals sing to you with new authority and confidence!! This is how hi-fidelity music should  sound like! Micro details where you didn’t expect to hear them, surly brings the experience up to a other level. And absolutely the most fun and exciting listening experience I can ever recall having. To be able to make my sound-system come alive like this, is unquestionably the talent of you, Paul and your Perkune cables. Can’t thank you enough! Best from Eirik Rouppert, Bergan, Norway 

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