Matrix USB/OTG

USB/OTGThe Matrix USB/OTG is a great cable to be added to the digital range of cables. And USB/OTG defines two roles for devices: OTG A-device and OTG B-device. Also, specifying which side supplies power to the link and which initially is the host. And the OTG A-device is a power supplier. Also, an OTG B-device is a power consumer. And in the default link configuration, the A-device acts as a USB host. Also, the B-device acting as a USB peripheral. Also, the host and peripheral modes may be exchanged later by using the Host Negotiation Protocol (HNP)

The Matrix USB/OTG

Matrix USB/OTG cableAs technology changes, we change. And the Matrix USB/OTG is undoubtedly a big step up in performance. Also, speed is essential when it comes to USB devices. And the cable allows all components to perform to maximum capability. Also, as an example, a mobile phone may read from removable media as the host device. And only as a USB Mass Storage Device when connected to a host computer.


Performance is the key, and the latest Matrix USB/OTG allows you to connect USB accessories effortlessly. And giving you superior performance. Also, the cable utilises the latest USB 3.

  • Data rate: SuperSpeed (5.0Gbps) additional
  • Signal: SS OUT
  • Differential Signal: 1 Pair SS IN
  • Signal: 1 Pair additional
  • Connector Signals: 4 wires
  • SuperSpeed: 2 wires
  • DP/DM for USB 2.0.
  • Three wires: Vbus/GNDx2. No Polling
  • Power control: Configuration at multiple link levels
  • And Power Supply to Bus: Max. 900 mA.
Cable specification
  • Cable size: 10.00 mm.
  • Type: Noiseless.
  • Conductors: OFC high purity
  • Gold plated connections
  • Insulation: Copper braided sheath.
  • Primary AirGap: PTFE x 3
  • Secondary AirGap: DERAY-PBFSP x 3
  • Protection: PVC/Vinyl
  • Outer sheath: CanuFlex PE-HB
  • Static: Antic static  x 2

One meter cable 297 Euros

Two meter cable 347 Euros

Three meter cable 397 Euros


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